Tyler Burnett

Tyler Burnett


A blues-rock quartet from Billings, Montana; Tyler Burnett combines timeless song writing with high-energy musicianship and riveting solos. Taking their favorite elements from different genres, they have effectively created their own unique sound, rich in americana and captivating alternative jams.


Rich in sounds of Americana, and satisfying to most everyone's love of singing along to the radio, the Tyler Burnett band is tight rock quartet that gives everyone's voice a chance to join in. In their new self-titled E.P., these local favorites, Steve Brown (vocals/bass/accgtr), Parker Brown (leadgtr/bkvox/accgtr), Pat Epley(drums), and Rimas Simaitis (B3/keys) showcase their ability to balance contemporary rock with down home inspired craftsmanship. The follow up to last years "There You Go" might just be that road trip with Train and old-time John Cougar Mellencamp that we all needed. Solid song writing and keen musicianship keep even the most stubborn of toes tapping. The 7 song disc showcases Tyler Burnett's ability to adapt to any situation. From the foot stomping of "Jealousy" to the 60's pop style on "Le Mint" and fun riff rock with "Don't Wanna Die", the disc flows like a great mix tape from your best pal, destined to be played again and again. The E.P. was produced, tracked, and mixed by local musician, Sean Lynch aka "Slynch" (1090 Club, thebrotheregg) in Billings, MT at studio 712. Local cult artist Jason Jam adds his own comic style, quirky flare to the CD jacket. These local Billings, Montana boys have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with great acts like The Black Crowes, Keb Mo' and The North Mississippi All Stars. Tyler Burnett's songs are bound to impress you, and their live show is gauranteed to get you up on your feet.


There You GO

Written By: Tyler Burnett

Broken mirrors broken dreams
Broken thoughts of coming clean
And I’ll catch up with you
When it’s all said and done
We’ll be dancing in the shadows
Where the ocean meets the sun
There you go there you go

Well if there’s no wrong and there’s no right
Then maybe you could stay the night
We’ll get drunk and we just might
Make it till the morning light
“kicking ass and taking names”
Making love will spark the flames
We’ll just lie awake all night
Holding too each other tight
In love oh baby in love

There you go there you go
Down the backstreets of this town
You always knew just how to get around
There you go, there you go, there you go

Well it’s not you and it’s not me
And baby I don’t want to see
The truth that I already know
Girl I have to let you go
You went away so far away
But baby you’ll be back someday
So I won’t cry, I’ll just sing
And think of all the joy you’ll bring
In love, oh baby in love

There you go there you go
Down the backstreets of this town
You always knew just how to get around
There you go there you go
When I wish upon a star
I’ll be wishing I was where you are
There you go there you go there you go


Tyler Burnett; self titled EP (2007)
Tyler Burnett; "There You Go" (2006)

Set List

Our favorite set is the second set which consists mostly of our showcase set. It starts with Phone Booth(Robert Cray) then goes into the originals: Hold, Make Believe, LeMint, So On, Getting Buy, Crosstown Traffic(Hendrix), and There You Go. We typically play two 90 minute sets. If we need to play more we can and will. If we play a cover, it is our own style; gotta have the covers in there. Beer(Reel big fish), Blue Angel(Squirrel nut zippers), and some obscure blues tunes always get thrown in during a bar set.