Tyler Gallion

Tyler Gallion

 Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Ever go to those quaint low key shows, where you haven't heard much about that particular artist, but it sill ends being the best show you've been to in some time? The shows where you really connect with that artist… That's me... I strive to make my music and lyrics unique in every way possible.


The title of my current project and upcoming independent release is "The Good Vendetta". This title describes my music as a whole. A good vendetta means to overcome others, but more importantly yourself, in a positive light...in this case, my music has been my good vendetta. I never once saw myself in front of a mic, nor did I believe I would ever have a voice or capability of writing a song. Eventually though, the words worked and I found myself able to express what I felt. There's nothing more important to me than music and I couldn't be happier to now share my own, whether that be in a small location as in an intimate coffee shop, or up on a stage in front of a vast crowd. My next goal is just to spread my music to as any people as I can. My biggest influence would have to be Ryan Adams, also from N.C. I completely respect him, and have followed his work from the start. He has continued to improve himself, and he is one of the most underrated, harder workers in the music business today....this is how I see myself in the future. What sets me apart from other musicians in my line of music would have to be my lyrics. I never try to just slap a song together...all of my songs are very personal to me. Also, my guitar work; I never have a plain old strumming pattern... I love different tunings, and unique picking styles.


Soul Filled

Written By: Tyler Gallion

Aw, heaven, don’t hand my wings over yet
My life's been your mirror
Am I happy in it?
All your tears fall on my tin roof
My heart’s filled with holes
But my soul still feels good
And there's so much time left for me to breathe
I should be thankful
But I’m left with misbelief
Oh, no
Emm… those soft lips
The one’s I got close to
Don't you think I ever wanted to resist them
Emm… a raspberry scent and my fingertips
And thank god for the moments like this

All filled up with ambition
Your hair is a mess
Your face is painted precision
Burnt orange dancin with those feet
Through an old fashioned town
The lanterns are dying out
And there’s so much time left for us to breathe
I should be thankful
But I'm stuck with misbelief
Emm… that fragile neck
The one I got close
But would only kiss as you slept
Emm, a raspberry scent and my fingertips
And thank god for the moments like this
And oh..your smile ascends to the birds
And oh.. you've wrapped love into this earth

Masons of Blonde

Written By: Tyler Gallion

Masons of honey hid up in the cupboard
From the months torn off the calendar
Waiting to be uncovered by the starlight in the valley
Wrapped up in summers riches
Beds were flower patches that shyly held our wishes
Until we both find our lures to follow the charms of slumber

And with your energy replenished
Yellow moon atop the harvest
And look at you now
Bright inside the ambience
Of fire bugs, and jar flies, and blue glowing crickets
No attention is given to all the passing seconds
We just pack them into the soil with labels reading permanent

Be glad you got away
Because a gloom owns me now
This vice weighs lighter than a strangle
And keeps me howling, “Can I make it through this?
Can I be born again?!”
Pure, free, or cleansed as a ghost?”

It's just that when we stick together
I will later sway my feathers
Into water holding remnants
Of our gorgeous colored treasures
Evidence of us soak into the this aging cask

I’ll make the most of all I’ve been gifted
Abundance of love
Don’t leave me…
Don’t leave me unforgiven

The Dreaming Well

Written By: Tyler Gallion

Memoirs of the breezeway captured in this photograph
Laying in the hammock
The wind would flirt and push that dress up your knees
She stands and her silhouette is gorgeous in the sun
With the heat of the day it's brink
The rhythm of the radio helped us move our feet

Silver bellied birds hum their tunes over wheat of gold
Your mother, never to raise her voice
Would be the first to sternly quote
“Southern hymns rattle sinners
But instill no enduring cures.”
The things we fell careless for
Chasing one n’ other out where the wild corn stock grow

…Down the dreaming well is where I’ve stored my time
I can hear you callin’ my name
From somewhere down there
Your breath floats up and out
On steams of heavenly white
Or are you someplace else?
Introducing my name
A remembrance of how we felt
On those better, warmer days
We kept living the same routine
But all I wanted was an evident changing
I’m gonna leave you down in my dreaming well
I’m gonna leave you down in my dreaming well

(We almost wept for what we had)


Written By: Tyler Gallion

I know there’s something more
Waiting, as the water meets my feet
But she moves so
She’s moving right towards me
She’ll be leaving though
Sinking in a sea foam green
Drowning in the undertow of her longings
Her smile sets a flame in me
It can’t be explained easily
Oh but it’s so simple and sweet

Awoke on an ocean's breeze
She's out there finding what it means to live freely

She feels like a real dream
She feels like a real dream
Walking backwards through my memory

She’s spinning in her black heels
When she laughs with her whole body
It brings me back
It’s taking me back again
She’s pushing her hair into the wind
An autumn sun is soaking in her skin
She’s reaching her hands out towards me
As she stares at me so boldly
“You’ve been the one and only”
I swore I heard her thinking
Oh, you know it's never gonna be easy
And you know it’s so simple and sweet

She feels like a real dream
She feels like a real dream
Walking backwards through my memories
She was my...
She was my...
I can’t feel the thought of you anymore
It all has disappeared
There’s someone sitting across from me
It isn’t you
My everything.
My everything .

Post Scripts of the Projectionist

Written By: Tyler Gallion

You know I'm only gonna find the words after you've gone
I hope you won't mind me being laconic
I've got such big plans thought up for us, honey
So blush me red with courage and press your kiss onto my cheek
Cause you know I'm the silent type
And I will be so happy with you predicting all of my lines

Well, who's gonna devote their night
Staying up late to get your mix tape right?
All I hope as that you hum along and sing before you know what's coming, doll
Sing before you know what's coming

And if we must part
Know one heart was filled, love
Lifted up and through the ceiling frame
To where our replay willingly stays projected
Kept forever safe there in the dust
Silver tape runs from spools of chapters
Streamlining the dark
While I'm bestowed right into her blonde waves
And just before I leave
Know my post scripts read the last wishes built of you and me

We're gonna hold each other tight
Picking out the songs describing us tonight
All I hope is that you hum along and sing before you know what's coming, doll
Sing before you know what's coming

When my eyes are laid down
Covered with ground you've grazed
Happiness will finally know me by my name
Cause at the exit tunnel
Music ripples from those footsteps
My direction is painted with embers that glow and never fade
And they trail her laughter now
I will surrender to an ending
This grand entrance is just the beginning

I can finally feel just right
Knowing I've done all I can to make you mine
All I hope is that you hum along and sing before you know what's coming, doll
Sing before you know what's coming.
(I will float up, up, up.... I will float up, up, up and find you)


The Dreaming Well LP
Juniper Owls, "Hoildays" (Single)

Set List

I always open with a cover by an artist/band who has inspired me

My sets are usually somewhere between an hour and a half to two hours