Tyler Gilmore

Tyler Gilmore


Progressive composition with a sound not quite jazz or classical but somewhere inbetween...and elsewhere.


Tyler Gilmore has been writing and playing music since he was nine years old. He will soon graduate from his undergrad and is now based in Denver, CO. He is currently pusuing a career in music composition, if such a thing really exists. Though he has never had a steady comp teacher, he has had lessons with Mike Holober, John Hollenbeck, Maria Schneider, Alf Clausen, Jack Smalley, Cuong Vu, and Paul Chihara. He has had music performed by UNC Jazz Lab I, the Henry Mancini Institute Overture Orchestra, the HMI Garage Orchestra, and his own ensembles. Tyler plans to put together his own ensemble in Denver to play original music of young composers including himself, and to gig in the Denver area or where ever people are willing to put up a few bucks for this stuff. He would love to meet composers and musicians with similar musical leanings so get in touch!


In the works