Tyler Little Band

Tyler Little Band


Tyler Little Band is an experienced, radio-oriented, upbeat Texas Country band currently based in the Amarillo/Lubbock area. With emphasis on crowd interaction, professional appearance, and rock solid performance, TLB is quickly emerging and cutting through the cluttered Texas Country music scene.


The Tyler Little Band isn't your average texas country band. Formed in Littlefield, TX in August 2012, TLB very quickly got it's first exposure opening up for some well-respected regional acts such as Will Green and Rob Baird. TLB's first gig was booked at Wild West in Lubbock, after the drummer for William Clark Green heard lead singer Cole Langley perform at a local open mic at The Blue Light. Cole was immediately asked to open up for Will Green at Wild West, a show which was just four days later, and TLB was formed. TLB is made up of long time singer-songwriter Cole Langley, guitarist Anthony Enriquez, bassist Paul Douglass, and drummer Justin Pickrell.

Each of the guys in the band is no stranger to performance or the local music scene, and each has a different style of music to bring to the table to blend in to the sound. Taking focus off of previous projects, the TLB has now become the main project for these musicians who were all used to being in multiple bands at a time. With their debut EP catching ears with radio and audiences in West Texas, the Tyler Little Band is currently performing to a crowded house almost every week, with no plans on slowing down soon.

Check back with the page often for more news and updates from the Tyler Little Band as they begin to break out on to the Texas Music Scene.


Temporary Arms EP - January 2013

Set List

-Originals (+/- 2 hours)

Leaving Brings The Rain
Until I Leave
Cigarette Burning
When She's Crying
Lead You On
Wake Up
I Still
You Can Have Me
That Dress
Everything I Dreamed
Heart Left to Break
Brand New
Fall Back In Love
Playing With Hearts
Say Amen
Could We Dance
Whenever You're Ready

-Covers List

An Empty Glass (Gary Stewart)
Locked out of Heaven (Bruno Mars)
Pumped Up Kicks (Foster The People)
Hell of A Fight (Adam Hood)