Tyler Lyle

Tyler Lyle


Atlanta native Tyler has played on stages across the US and Europe blending a sweet soft serve of soulful singer-songwriter pop melodies with a gritty lyrical honesty that relies on the folk music traditions of the American South.


Born in the sin black, Hell hot, Holy Ghost South, Tyler never completely frees himself from the red Georgia clay in his veins, blending rootsy americana with the gypsy folk and African rhythms he was exposed to while living in Europe. His songs include characters like Charlie Chaplain and Oedipus, lovable alcoholics, blind painters, revolutionaries, dreamers, drifters, pesky preachers and those who are human to the utmost.

In a very honest and challenging presentation, Lyle fights his ghosts in the open- on stage- revealing his doubts and shortcomings, disarming the listener and preparing them a place in the caravan into the dark. "It's a hallowed scene, but we don't know what it means" says Lyle in "Pinewood Chests." In another song he sings "go deep down brother, feel it all/ cause there's peace at the bottom, if there's peace at all." This is what separates Lyle from his peers- he wants to take us on a journey- he says "I'm not happy unless there has been some sort of transformation between point A and point B. By the end of the song, I want the listener to be in a different place altogether than where she first entered"
That's what Lyle's upcoming release "Notes From the Parade" is concerned with: "It's about the weight of motion and how it interacts with us as humans- how in your favorite story, you can know the whole journey, the tragedy, the joy, how it all ends, but if you re-read it, the weight of it all doesn't go away when the characters are meeting each other for the first time. You feel in your chest, the hidden part of the iceburg that the characters don't yet know- except we are those characters and the joy and the tragedy are here inside of us, only we don't know what it looks like yet."

Lyle has been performing publicly since 2005, and has shared the stage with acts like Besides Daniel, Wild Sweet Orange, Allie Moss, Bess Rogers (of Ingrid Michaelson), David Berkeley, and others. He is occasionally featured on WDVX's Blue Plate Special in Knoxville and is a regular contributor to the ATL Collective.


Some Songs EP- EP 2007
Notes From The Parade- 2009
Live From The Earl- 2009 (limited)

Set List

Sets last to 120 min.

At The Bottom
It's Fun To Do Bad Things
A Secret About Secrets
Closer to Me
Untitled Song #1
The Love Song of Jan Palach
Weeping Bombs or A Poem of Force
Ouvrez vos yeux
A Response
Celebration Blues
A Parade
By My Name
All Becauase
Love Song in the Ordinary
In My Dreams
The Lesbian Song
The Hippie Girl Song
The Letting Go
Couldn't Find You
Sun Always Rises
Winter is For Kierkegaard
From A Balcony in Old Town
Pinewood Chests
Flight of the Euminides
Hold Her Hand
Dance with Somebody
Siren on the Quay
Kingdom of Earth
A Baptism

Beatles, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, 80's pop (Life In A Northern Town, Africa, Safety Dance, etc.), L-O-V-E by Sinatra, The Swimming Song by Loudon Wainwright