Tyler Melashenko
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Tyler Melashenko

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


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"-to whom it may concern-"

“To whom it may concern,
I am writing this in regards to my good friend and brother in Christ Tyler Melashenko. I met Tyler while looking for Christian artist on MySpace, to come and do shows at my church for the youth and the Wichita area. We talked for a while and Tyler and I came up with some dates that would work for the both of us and the church. Then after we had everything set, I noticed that Tyler was truly thinking more about spreading the message that God has given him to tell, than the monetary needs he had for himself.

The date came and Tyler came early that Sunday morning and just out of coincidence, I was asked to bring the Sunday school lesson for the youth that morning. I asked Tyler if he would like to speak a bit to the youth that morning in class. He said he would, so I kept the message on point so to give Tyler as much time as he wanted. Tyler truly engaged the youth and asked some real questions about their lives and living for God in the world that they live in every day. Then later the evening, Tyler put on a great show for the youth of the church and the Wichita area.

Since that time, Tyler has been back to our church to do three shows. The more he is there the more we learn from Tyler about truly living for God and relying on God and how we can make it our mission to share the WORD to the people that God puts in our live for a reason. The more we are together the more we can and do get past all the formal talk and really talk about the struggles of life and what it means to be a Christian. I always look forward to seeing and talking with him when we can.

In short, I truly believe in what Tyler is doing and stand behind him and with him to help bring the message of God’s love to the ones who need it the most. I thank you for your time and God Bless.” - Jimmy Harmon of Wichita Christian Concerts, KS


Tyler Melashenko, kept the crowd interested with goofy stage play and banter. He is great for a college crowd. - Methodist University


Tyler Melashenko came to the Christian coffee house the Encouraging Cup of My Fathers House for a concert. Tyler did a great job and everyone was blessed. There were a lot of young people and he was able to captivate their attention. He offered a variety of original christian songs that were fun and his testamony of hope inspired many of us at the Cup that night. We appreciated him sharing his heart and gifts that the Lord gave him. I hope he can come again as the Lord wills. Donna Smith - Donna Smith


2007 - "Rock and Roll" (13 tracks)
2009 - "Atmosphere" (11 tracks)
2010- "Tyler Melashenko" (11 tracks)



-Let me tell you a little bit about the music I play-

I make music that is me, music that tells a story of who I am and where I have been. Music that is candid and revealing. Music that expresses my life's deep foundation in God. I make music that encompasses the bipolar tendencies of growing up, falling in love, and having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I don't profess perfection or greatness, but I do profess to be trying to please God with my life. I want to go beyond the music I play, really getting to know my listeners by connecting as real people (staying after concerts, talking to people, sharing my experiences, and encouraging the growth of christian community).