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"MUSIC INTERVIEW: Tyler And Stevie"

Tyler and Stevie are a fresh new duo to hit the UK from America and if you haven’t heard of them yet then you are in for a treat. They have been taking over YouTube with their fresh take on some of the biggest tracks. We caught up with the lads so check out what happened right here. And make sure you give one of their covers a listen below!

For everyone out there who hasn’t heard of you how would you describe your sound?

T: A musical sandwich of rock, hip hop and a touch of mustard.

S: Tyler pretty much summed it up!

There aren’t many acts like you guys around at the moment. Do you find that the combination of pop and rap brings along a larger range of listeners?

S: Yeah definitely; we play multiple genres of music that tend to appeal to a larger audience.

T: Definitely! I’ve been approached on several occasions by people who I wouldn’t expect to be listening to our music. When they tell me that they are fans, it puts a smile on my face.

Before you were put together did you ever think about becoming anything other than a solo act?

S: Honestly, I wanted to be an actor because I was always drawn to drama in school.

T: That’s funny because I wanted to be a director, even went to film school for a summer to get some skills.

You’ve done your fair share of cover tracks. Which one is your favourite?

T: Santaria by Sublime. It’s one of my all-time favorite songs by one of my all time favorite bands.

S: Too close by Alex Claire. We experimented with the Maschine, a synthesizer type instrument in this cover. The combination of acoustic guitar, my rap and Ty’s voice was dope.

You’ve been writing some original tracks, do you have any plans for a release soon?

T: I can’t say much…but I will tell you, it’s about to go down!

S: We’d like to tell you, but then we’d have to kill you.

What music out there inspires you?

T: I like Fallout boy, Taking back Sunday, Sum 41, Sublime…

S: Childish Gambino, The Fugees, Joey Badass.

So you’re based in America, how do you find the music scene in New Jersey?

T: Not as interesting as the scene in London. Radio 1 rocks.

S:I feel like it’s on the come up, it seems to be making progress relative to diversity.

And you’ve just been over in the UK recently. Do you have any plans to return again?

T: Hell yeah, we arrive on August 20th and will be there for 3 weeks.

S: Yeah man, I think the U.K. is gonna be our home away from home in the not so distant future.

What does the rest of 2013 have in store for Tyler and Stevie?

S: The future is bright. Working with Dean Ondrus Coulson and Andy Varley of Insanity Group MGMT has been a great experience. They don’t leave any stones unturned.

T: Agreed! We are very optimistic that we will be signing with a record label shortly and I guess that will be our true beginning! Seat belts fastened…prepare for take off!

Interview by: Rhian Westbury
- Bring The Noise UK


Still working on that hot first release.



Already with thousands of global fans behind them, aptly dubbed the "Stylers", the boys are skyrocketing off the back of their YouTube channel on which they put their own multi-genre stamp on hits across the genres from Justin Bieber's 'All Around the World' to Nicki Minaj's 'Hell Yeah'. Those tracks highlight talent beyond their years (they're just 18) and musical diversity that's appealing to a wide range of audiences.

The duo have been jetting back and forth between their New Jersey home and London to focus on their original songs alongside top writers including The Voice star Karl Michael and Autumn Rowe, while picking up new fans along the way.

Tyler Reid and Stevie G met at high school where their love of performing arts brought them together in drama club in 2010. It resulted in a collaboration, writing and performing their first song 'Her Boyfriend Don't Like Me', which would be the catalyst for their unique, multi-genre sound.

It impressed not only their peers, but also Tyler's father, who played the song to all his friends, and in 2012 it ended up in the hands of Charlie Walk, now of Republic Records and formerly the president of Epic Records, and Nils Gums of the Complex group. Initially Tyler was intended to be a solo artist, but Nils suggested he team up with former collaborator Stevie G in order to create something unique as he put it "a purple cow". With the duo's forward-thinking, malleable multi-genre approach, reflecting their diverse love of music, nothing sounds quite like them.

"That's why we formed this group in the first place," says Stevie. "It's a very unique and genuine sound, mainly because we didn't craft it together, we crafted it separately and fused it." The result is a unique combination of Tyler's classic melodic rock songwriting and staccato, ska-influenced guitar riffs, and rich vocals delivered with charm and charisma, and Stevie's old-school hip-hop roots and his natural flair for flowing raps.

Tyler's ska and punk-flavoured rock roots stem from his love of the bands Sublime, Fall Out Boy, Sum 41 and Blink 182, while Stevie is a huge old-school hip-hop fan, citing Lauryn Hill, 2Pac and rising stars Odd Future, Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar. "The kind of hip-hop that still sounds like old school hip-hop", states Stevie. "Like Sublime, they're talking about real stuff. Lauryn Hill rapped about life. I'm rapping about who I am, what we do in life. We do sing about girls, of course. But I don't like the kind of hip-hop that's about the money, the clothes, the clubs. It's so conformative. I like people that are different. We are different."

"We're just longing for longevity and ways to make real music" explains Stevie. "Tyler wants to bring real rock back and I want to bring real hip-hop back more than anything." Tyler adds: "There are those bands that change the pace of the music industry - Nirvana started the grunge movement, Blink 182 made punk mainstream. They changed things. If we could start a movement that we could change things, if we could make waves, that's really what we want to do." Those waves have already started.