Tyler Schanck

Tyler Schanck


I am a singer/songwriter originally from Wyoming, and I create soft-rock/country acoustic music. I have been writing/performing for 7 years, and hope to find a job performing/writing in the industry.

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Ms. Carlie Kay

Written By: Tyler Schanck

Well I’ve seen shining stars in movies,
And I’ve read poems that say your name.
You twist your tongue and your words replenish,
All the world’s taken away.
For you I stay, for you I wait, Ms. Carlie Kay.

Well I’ve been here outside your window,
In the hail and pouring rain.
And my boom box won’t play nothin’.
So am I singing here in vein?
For you I’d drown, in heartbreak sounds, Ms. Carlie Kay.
Ms. Carlie Kay…
While you decide all that you want,
What you deserve, what you desire.
I can work out how to be, a Superman.
Or me at least.
I’ve been so damn irresponsible.
I get love drunk frequently.
Why are things that taste so good,
So damn bad for me?
And the moon I face, can’t touch your grace, honestly.
This monster I’d become, seems to be, somewhat subsided.
You can’t feel the hurt from all the pain I’ve caused.
But with me you’re safe, won’t let you go to waste,
Ms. Carlie Kay.