Tyler Stock

Tyler Stock


Tyler Stock: a Circus on amphetamines.


Ever wonder what it would be like if you saw a guy with a guitar on stage singing some songs...probably not. Why not? Because you have seen that before, right? Probably.
Have you ever Tyler on stage with his guitar? If not, you should. He is not a typical solo act. In fact he is quite the opposite. Tyler displays his array of instrumentation throughout his performance, jumping from instrument to instrument and creating infectious groove based loops that always get the crowd going.
Seeing Tyler is not like seeing a singer/songwriter. It is like going to the Circus on amphetamines.
Tyler Stock is an independent artist out of Nashville, TN. While he is a solo performer, his shows are packed with the intensity of a full band. Similar to Kellar Williams, Tyler lays down infectious groove based loops and creates a full band right there in front of the audience. He combines his
classical and jazz training into a genre similar to that of John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and Josh Rouse.



Written By: Tyler Stock

Driving along staring straight ahead with a curse of you stuck in my head tell me what I ever did to deserve this. What can I do what can I say you are like a maggot on a flesh wound in my brain but I will beat you at these games. Baby someday.
Someday from now when you try to forget me you will not know how. Like that little scratch on the top of your mouth. I’ll be, that haunting face that will stalk your dreams you cant stay awake but you wont want to sleep. you will be the mouse I will be the cheese on the trap and baby you gotta eat

i will find a way to climb inside that precious little mind and trick you into thinking of nothing but the way you want to be with me.
I will be a lure you'll be a fish. I will be a tiny jig that you cant resist.
This works out great cause I am made to catch you and baby someday

you will try but you never forget me baby

i am still driving along i95 with my car and mind stuck in overdrive.
Plotting schemes of ways to beat you at these cruel games you play with me like I am a cat you are a string just out of my reach but believe me when I say that baby someday.

Richest Man in Tennessee

Written By: Tyler Stock

I got a letter in the mail the other day. They are going to try to get the rent that I couldn’t pay. I said go right ahead I don’t got nothing to take and if I did I would give it all away.
My favorite guitar and a box of old strings. A pretty girl that treats me like I am her king. Those are the only things Ive got to my name….they cannot take them and that is why I am not afraid.

They cannot take anything because what I have got aint worth the green but if you could turn all of my love into money, I would be the richest man in Tennesse.

A cardboard box could make a great one bedroom suite. It wont have locks on it or central heat but I got a dog and he’ll protect me. He’ll keep me safe while I am living on the street

They may never see how I am the richest man in all of tennessee

I got a stack of bills I will probably never pay. An empty tip jar sitting on the stage. A dime or nickel would go a long way. It just might feed me or bring prosperity.


"A Cure for Awkward Silence"

Set List

Typical setlist is 1-2 hours though sometimes may play two sets divided by a break.