Tyler Witkin

Tyler Witkin


Unique in both timbre and subject, Tyler’s voice, music, and lyrics float between ethereally haunting and cheekily sultry with songs ranging from playful and clever to dark and contemplative.


In the early 1980s, it was not uncommon to find a bazaar looking creature complete with a ruby Afro and owl-eyes singing the blues on restaurant tabletops. This creature was none other than a young Miss Tyler Alyn Witkin. Although tabletop concerts grew seldom as Tyler grew older, the passion remained the same. From education to occupation, music exists in every part of Tyler's life and always has. She attended Miami's New World School of the Arts where she honed her craft and performed regularly. Upon graduating from New World, Tyler began her studies at Berklee College of Music where she focused on composing original music. Tyler's studies at New World and Berklee combined with her eclectic ear and refreshing eccentricity give her a voice unique in both timbre and subject. The lyrical content of her songs range from playful and clever to dark and contemplative. Tyler's voice, music, and lyrics float between ethereally haunting and cheekily sultry. Her influences range from Nina Simone to Portishead and a vast amount in between.


As It Turns Out...

Written By: Tyler Witkin

It was a dream. You were a fairytale..
Torn at the seams where make believe blurs with real.
I was naive..you were a fantasy. You slithered right in for the kill..silly me.

CH: As it turns out, you are a figment of my imagination..
And so it seems, you are nothing but my own creation.
So I can erase you just as I made you hoping all the while that your memory and your smile don't leave a mark..

There was a time I onyl ever thought of you.
Well you can find another girl, an ingenue.
My own mirage, I made it grand in scale and when it tumbles to the ground, I will prevail.


What's done is done..each scar is like a souvenier.
You had your fun, I shed my tears for you..
And to regret it now would be a waste of time..
I can assure you dear, the pleasure..it was all mine!


Like A Bottle of Fine Wine

Written By: Tyler Witkin

As if the night would have it any other way…
with you so perfectly awkward, begging me to stay.
So I’ll sit with you and share another glass of your thin-skinned wine straight from the vine.
Watch the stars align.

If I took the time to drink you in, would your flavor taste of all the places where you’ve been?
If I let you age all through the years would I see the joys and pain that linger in your tears?
Like a bottle of fine wine.

You look at me with anxious eyes stumbling through your thoughts…
and you fail to speak a word, fearing that you’re lost.
But your subtle style and your silly grin, still a mystery, they have captured me…
Full of possibility.


Your stomach’s in knots and your tongue’s tied in bows,
You lean in so close…you lean in so slow…
The skyline’s turning pink and morning’s on its way…
this is just another night before another day.



Written By: Tyler Witkin

To claim that I've come down from this high would be a lie..
I'm stuck in everything that's long gone..it's all wrong.
I tend to wear so well this long face in this wrong place.
Don't want to live today in a cliche, so I'll

CH: Runaway to a time when tears were rain and blood was wine.
Runaway to a night dark with wonder filled with light.

I look on everyday with the sad eyes of a girl made wise..
It's not enough to know I've lived it so I quit.
And if the wind would take me in its drift, would I be missed?
If you were me, you would see this just can't be and you'd


Where would the road lead if I stayed?
Letting the chips fall where they may?
Would I regret it if I had to..



1.As It Turns Out ...
2. Like a Bottle of Fine Wine
3. Morocco On My Mind
4. Runaway
5. Talked To Your God

Set List

1.As It Turns Out ...
2. Like a Bottle of Fine Wine
3. Morocco On My Mind
4. Runaway
5. Talked To Your God