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Tyme /Tyme Johnson

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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Want My Keys is noted in Akon's Hitlab as a Smash Hit!
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A Matter of Tyme: The Soundtrack (CD) RE$ Entertainment/Tyme Entertainment 2011

A Matter of Tyme: The Book (Novel) Authorhouse 2010

Want My Keys (Single) RE$ Entertainment/Tyme Entertainment 2009

A Matter of Time(CD) Jive Turkey Recordings 2005



Tyme Johnson

My Bio…My Story

As an aspiring superstar, I decided that this was the time to write a book to tell my story in my words. I usually tell my stories through my music because it is my background. I’ve always known that creating music was my means to breathing. I love it with every breath in my body! I began singing before I could speak. I was two years of age. My mother would sing to the Icons of her era. To this day, she says she knew I would be an entertainer because of my days of singing as a toddler. As a teenager, I began singing professionally. I performed in clubs and school events. After high school, I attended college and studied music production. I’ve always had the music aspect covered so what better topic for a book than my struggle to become that music superstar. This project has become a true labor of love. It started with my first CD, A Matter of Time. I released it after I moved to Manhattan. Shortly after my move, I experienced a fire in my brownstone apartment. It was a life changing experience that started me on this journey. I wanted to do something to help other people get through similar situations. Therefore, I spent the next three years writing about my experiences on my road to stardom. This book is called A Matter of Tyme: The Book (A Musician’s Manhattan Experience of Love, Tragedy, Determination, and Growth).

I have created a soundtrack to the book-A Matter of Tyme: The Soundtrack.The soundtrack completes my trilogy. The soundtrack consists of songs that mirror the stories of the book. Almost like a narration.
For Example, the chapter that goes along with the single,"Want My Keys", is about me meeting a Harlem pretty-boy that I fall in love with and he just uses me to no end until I get fed up and snatched my house keys back.

And now, I am rehearsing diligently for upcoming shows and road performances