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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Established on Jan, 2016
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"Purge & Reset Review"

Canadian thrashers “Tymo” released their second full length album, “Purge & Reset” in August 2017.

Thrash is a genre with limitations. It’s got a very specific sound and any deviation from the norm is generally not accepted. This can make it difficult to sound fresh and unique in the genre. I felt that Purge & Reset did a reasonably good job of achieving that. It’s most definitely a thrash album, the tropes, both good and bad, are there. But it also has an energy and a style that sets it apart.

The album opens with “All Looks Alive… In the Dark!”. The song opens with arpeggio guitar playing. It’s moody and foreboding, and it sounds sinister. Before long the song breaks to sharp, jagged metallic guitar riffs. It’s fast and it’s raw.

I found the whole album to have an incredibly angry, primal kind of energy fuelling it. This opening song sums up that feeling pretty well. Another element that gives this impression is the backing vocals. For more or less the entire album, the backing vocals are essentially backing screams. I’m sure I’m heard this done before, but I can’t recall at time that this style of backing vocals was carried out so well. It really evokes an emotion and a sentiment that flows through album. It’s ultimately a small detail, but it really added a lot to the sound as a whole. It’s also something that helps to set Tymo apart from the mess of cookie-cutter thrash bands out there.

Next up is “Killer Krom” and the titular “Purge & Reset”. The former a rapid, grinding, almost punk song. Again, the energy is crucial to the sound, and the riffs are strong enough to provide a sufficient reason to headbang.

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"Purge & Reset Review"

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"Purge & Reset Review"

“Frontman Tim Tymo’s vocal style is in the vein of Black Album-era James Hetfield with a great melodic grit” - Metal Master Kingdom

"Purge & Reset Review"

“When I hear the instrumental tune Flames To Frost, I think of early Iron Maiden” - Hard Rock Info

"Purge & Reset Review"

“Riffs cutting like a razor”- - Hardrocker Magazine


The Lone Wolf (2015)

Purge & Reset (2017)



In Thrash we trust could be the mantra of modern Thrashers Tymo, a band whose attitude lives up the title of their second and current full-length album. Entitled ‘Purge & Reset’, founding guitarist Tim Tymo explains the origin of a title that is more than words, it is a statement of metallic intent! “Let’s just say we have a creator or superior being. If this being gave us everything we needed to flourish humanely and returned to see all the wars and corruption…this being would want to wipe the slate clean and start over. Hence…PURGE AND RESET!”

Formed in Edmonton in 2015, Tymo released their debut album ‘The Lone Wolf” in March of the same year. The band are Tim Tymo on vocals/guitar, Nick Schwartz on guitar, Harlen Jacobs on bass, and Marc Durie on drums

Tymo came in fourth place in Wacken Metal Battle Canada and have opened for such bands as Mortillery, Ninjaspy, Mandriod Echostar, and Native Construct.

Inspired by Municipal Waste, Megadeth, Slayer, Bonded by Blood, and Metallica, Tim Tymo describes his band’s sound as “angry, loud, and explosive thrash!”

Tymo have a serious mission to entertain their fans. “We love writing and performing and all have a common love for thrash metal. We wanted to reference our heroes such as Megadeth, Municipal Waste and Metallica and mix up that inspiration with our own brew and see what we came up and here we are. We want to give people a source of inspiration and excitement!”

Live, Tymo have much common with their heroes Municipal Waste. “We like to look at our live shows as something to keep everyone entertained, such as having something unique happen during each song. We will have our mascot run out and mosh, cover ourselves in blood, just little changes throughout each song to keep the set memorable!”

Tymo’s latest album “Purge & Reset” was released on August 19, 2017 and is available on all major online retailers.

Tymo is:
Tim Tymo (Vocals & Guitar)
Nick Schwartz (Guitar)
Harlen Jacobs (Bass & Screams)
Marc Durie (Drums)

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