Tympanic Frenzy

Tympanic Frenzy


Tympanic Frenzy... blended, stirred not shaken. Everything we conceive as electronic experimental rock. We're just some guys making music we like with the tools we have.


Tympanic Frenzy
(Best described as Electronic ∞ Rock)
Synthetic yet organic, a blend of any and all things that inspire the translation of the mind the soul and the world surrounding; Tympanic Frenzy brought to life in 1999 by brothers Henry McMinn and Ryan McDoulett is an attempt to bring to light just that a translation of what's perceived on the inside and that surrounding on the outside. A constantly changing and evolving state, whether it be a state of mind or a state of being. Translated into a universal language for anyone to interpret as they perceive it in their own mind. WE DON'T PUT OURSELVES OR THE MUSIC AND ART INTO A ONE DIMENSIONAL BOX, THEREFORE WE CANNOT BE CLASSIFIED, OUR MUSIC GRABS ELEMENTS FROM EVERYTHING WE ARE AND MELDS THEM ALL INTO ONE .


":::Revised:::Revisions:::" (2008)
"Cerebral Funktion..in Process..." (2006)
"Abide by the Vibe" (2001)

Set List

Looking glass
Come up now
Post Modern Blues
Hands over my soul
The Muse
sets last 45 minutes, arrangement of songs vary.