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Athens, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF | AFM

Athens, Georgia, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Crash-Type1 Review"

After seeing success from the release of his song “Space Walker,” Type1 released his debut album From the Minds of the Wicked. Named after the autoimmune, non-preventable, and non-curable disease, Type 1 diabetes, Aiden Bittle wanted to select a stage name that provided a representation of who he is. While Minds of the Wicked examines some of the cause-and-effects of pain, I want to scope in on one particular track, “Crash.”

Despite its gloomy lyrics, “Crash” goes down easy. By easy, I mean you can play this track in any situation. Need some heavy bass to roll down the street to? Listen to “Crash.” Need something to bump in your room? Listen to “Crash.” Filled with depression and dysphoria after a tough breakup? Listen to “Crash.” This track follows a similar pattern to much of the autotune-heavy emo rap on the rise lately. Opening with a looped acoustic guitar pattern, the track progresses, covering the instrumental with a bassy and riddling trap beat. Although very young, Type1 will see success through growth and determination. Listen to “Crash” below! - Marsupial Media

"Colder-Type1 (feat. Seanii & ByyCharlie) Review"

This past month has been crazy; it’s as if all my favorite local artists decided to collude and release all their music at the same time. From Kill Will to Trvy to Solo 10K, I’ve had a lot of fresh sounds to listen to. Although making his debut onto our site just over a month ago, Type1 is back with a new single titled “Colder” featuring Seanii and ByyCharlie.

While his album From the Minds of the Wicked was centered around the feelings of pain, Type1 wants to slowly move on to the opposing feeling: happiness. With that being said, “Colder” is by no means a cheerful tune. Rather, the lyrics embody maturity and patience, the ‘in between’ from pain to happiness. “Colder” enlists Type1’s signature sound at its best, combining slow tempos and autotune to craft optimal sad boy music. Despite being available on streaming services for a mere two days, “Colder” is already Type1’s most popular song, amassing 11,000 streams and counting (across all services). Listen to the track below! - Marsupial Media


Still working on that hot first release.



Hello! My name is Aidan Bittle (Type1). I am an independent alternative rock AND hip-hop artist out of Athens, Georgia. I started toying with the idea to make music in November of 2018. I finally decided to go for it in January 2019. I dropped my first release on Soundcloud called "Space Walker". It seemed to grab some people around me, as I got a lot of attention from it. Then I released a couple more singles, to build up to my debut album release in June 2019. The album is titled "From the Minds of the Wicked". It was written to represent how different people deal with pain and adversity. A few months after releasing “FTMOTW”, I released my biggest single (at the time), “Colder”. The song represents moving on from the pain described in "FTMOTW". “Colder” generated tens of thousands of streams and purchases across all platforms, which gave me a lot of recognition and respect in not only the local music scene, but also a few cities that I have connections in (Athens, Atlanta, New York City, London, Chicago, Raleigh, and Warren, MA are my top 6 listening cities). By January of 2020, I released my second complete album, titled ALTERNATE REALITY. The album as a whole is based off the platform that was laid out by “Colder”. It represents transition from pain to content and happiness. ALTERNATE REALITY showed my versatility musically (upbeat hip-hop, alternative rock, emo hip-hop, etc.) and continued the growth that “Colder” started. After a short hiatus due to the craziness that was the COVID-19 pandemic, I returned with another two back to back hit singles titled “California Dreams” and “AFTER”. These two singles are by far my most listened to and recognized songs. That is where I am now. I have shown constant growth in my sound, skill, and recognition. I can't wait to see where this takes me. Much love!

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