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Detroit's resident MC, Artist/Poet. Ty Pharaoh is social concious, high energy, eclectic, and soulful.


Hip, intellectual, and refreshing are words that have been used to describe the work of Ty Pharaoh.
Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and artistically cultivated in New York City, he draws inspiration from the soul of the Motown era coupled with a raw artistry billowing through the streets of the big apple. With influences ranging from the Refugee Camp to Radiohead, Ty’s music is a unique hip-hop experience.It’s sophisticated, eclectic, soulful, and moving


Blues in the Water

Written By: Ty Pharaoh

?Blues in the Water
©2007-2008 Ty Pharaoh

Armageddon here / now these cats know it's true
Their mouths wide open / trying to figure what to do
It all began 3 years ago to the day /and 1 year after the government
Took our rights away
Tore my boys flesh apart / cause he couldn't take the mark
And when I heard the trumpet blow / I knew the shit was about to start
Mother earth weeps / dying of a broken heart
We gotta endure the flood / we didn't get on the ark
At the hands of the man / I saw many men die
I saw many women cry / and saw many mothers try
To protect their only children from the threat of the night
But not one soul was ready / when the beast came to strike
Praying to the sky / cause they realize the truth
They all took the mark / now all their prayers moot
They ran to the sea
To ask God what to do
He said don't drink the water
Cause the water got the blues!
Don’t drink the water
Cause the water got the blues!
Don’t drink the water
Cause the water got the blues!
Please don’t drink the water
Cause the water got the blues!
Like good hip hop / underground went my clan
I refuse to bare the sign / so now I’m a wanted man
Pain blew on an ill wind / just like the desert sand
Food too hard to find / hunger too hard to stand
All across the land / military keep check
Politics / convince the world its for the best
The lies we digest / as our freedom digress
Two people arrested / now they made subjects
Of the 1st ever public televised execution
The bible says / that this is their destitution
Riots everywhere / revolution no solution
Chaos in the streets / this is our evolution
It’s all fucked up / so now what we go do?
Just don't drink the water / cause the water got the blues
1st one to fold/ when this war in sues
Sun disappeared / now what the light go do
We see the prophecy / and still deny the truth
I know u thirsty son / but the water got the blues
It’s an awful thing / cause this life is cruel
I saw God in the water / and now God got the blues
Reality TV orchestrated by the beast
Lust is the food / on which we all feast
Consuming ourselves / trying to sustain ourselves
When is it all over/ only the bible tells?
Cameras, blindfolds / scriptures still spoken
Host of the show joking/ wit a word from the sponsors
Selling cigarettes/ morals of heritechts
When were we ever pure? / I still can't recollect
Back from commercial
They take their last breathe/ 6 shots fired
It’s the end of the quest/ tried to save our lives
All they got was death
Last hope we had /now what we got left
What does it all mean / time to stand up
Fulfill the American dream / this is an outrage
Fighting my brothas who / don't wanna believe
All the deeds they do/ for the enemy
Felt the blade on my throat/ before my head was removed
Too late to gasp once/ in death I caught the blues
I ran to the church/ tried to cleanse myself too
But I looked in the water/ and the water had the blues
This is the type of thing/ that you cant get use to
I know you all thirsty/ please don’t do it dude!
Damn he drank the water/ now we all got the blues
Damn he drank the water/ now we all got the blues
Damn he drank the water/ now we all got the blues
Damn he drank the water/ now I know I got the blues



Ty Pharaoh
album titled "God, Love, & WAR LP (2008)

Lazy Genius
album titled "Unrealeased" LP (2006)

Set List

Sets are tipically 20-35 min
*(able to perform shows with no offensive lyrics)

Set List
1.Blues in the Water
5.Between the Lines
6.God, Love, & WAR

1.B.O.B by OutKast
2.How Many Mics the Fugees
3.Heard Em Say by Kanye West