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"Detergency CD Review"

Artist: Band: Typhoon Ferri
CD Review: Genre: Alternative Rock
Sounds Like: Steely Dan/Maroon 5/Red Hot Chili Peppers/Sting
Technical Grade: 9
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 8
Overall Talent Level: 9
Songwriting Skills: 8
Performance Skill: 10
Best Songs: Jackpot Baby, Go And Forget Me, Roundabout Way Home, Elisha Brown, Pearl
Weakness: ?
CD Review: There are a lot of happy people in Boston, Massachusetts these days. I'm not talking about baseball fans either. I'm talking about the fans of Typhoon Ferri, a multi-talented three piece rock band that can jam with the best bands in the music industry.

This band is not about making recordings; they are driven by and committed to performing live which clearly and effectively comes through on their latest project and second self-produced CD. The animated vocals of front man, Mark McInnis, who also plays acoustic guitar; Aaron Ferri, on bass guitar and vocals; and last but not least, Tyler Montgomery, who puts on a drumming clinic through-out the entire project (and on "Elisha Brown" in particular). He is the backbone and architect of a percussion driven sound that resonates with confidence, personality, conviction and chemistry. He also plays a mean harmonica.

This project genuinely captures the musical diversity and essence of Typhoon Ferri with skillful production that illuminates their strengths, talents, and creativity. It also emphasizes their commercial viability. Despite the instant radio appeal of the driving piano laced "Roundabout Way Home," and the instantly memorable "Go And Forget Me" with its swinging, pop flavored, radio-friendly chrous, my industry instincts lead me to believe that "Jackpot Baby" with it's unique production, melodic guitar parts, awkward foot-stomping beat, and emphatic lead vocal would garner them the attention and recognition that they are seeking and deserve. This unique track is their calling card because it has mainstream commercial appeal and major music licensing potential.

I would be remiss if I concluded this review without a mention of the artistic ballad, "Pearl," an acoustic guitar performance that truly illustrates and punctuates the potency of this band (and elevated their scores). It is a beautiful, surprising addition to an already vibrant roster of stimulating and entertaining songs and it also features Mark's mother on background vocals. How many rock stars do you know who are cool enough to do that?

This band has world-wide talent and they are ready for a world-wide spotlight. They also have perspective too, as evidenced on the aformentioned "Pearl" which proclaims: "Highlights are nothing for people who shine all the time..."

Advice: Continue to shine. You are in control of your own destiny.
- Musesmuse.com

"2005 Musesmuse.com Best Alternative Album"


"Detergency" - Typhoon Ferri

This band is not about making recordings; they are driven by and committed to performing live. This project genuinely captures the musical diversity and essence of Typhoon Ferri with skillful production that illuminates their strengths, talents, creativity, and commercial viability...

- www.musesmuse.com


Self-Titled EP 1999
Detergency 2005
Any Time Now 2009

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Bio (from "Spackle Magazine," July 2006):

When Tyhoon Ferri begins a sound-check, you'll probably hear a little feedback (it's the fault of the sound engineer).

After that, you'll hear acoustic guitar and slick vocals stacked on top of warm bass and high-energy drums. When the show is over, you'll hear songs - catchy songs - in your head and maybe in your car stereo as you drive home with Typhoon Ferri's 2005 album, "Detergency."

This Boston-based trio has created a new mix of old ingredients: funk, folk, and reggae. But above all, this band has created quality, memorable songs.

What bands sound similar to Typhoon Ferri? Perhaps the critics can best answer the question: The Providence Journal says Typhoon Ferri is "somewhere between Guster and 311." LocalMusic.com says Typhoon Ferri is "Similar to Led Zeppelin but with more cheese and a crispier crust."
The sound is raw, clean and organic because there are no electric guitars or keyboards. It's something like having a dance party at a coffee house. NYRock.com reviewers put it best when they referred to Typhoon Ferri music as "hypercaffienated folk-rock."

Since the band's beginning in 1999, Typhoon Ferri has performed over 500 shows all over the Northeast U.S., gaining professionalism and an appreciation for hard work. Self-promoted and self-managed, Typhoon Ferri understands what it takes to pull an event together.

They have performed at celebrity fundraisers with Tony Bennet and Harry Bellafonte, at weddings in the Ritz Carlton, at Sundance Film Festival (on the same stage as Ben Harper), At the Marriot Marquis in Times Square for an event honoring Roger Clemens, on live FM Radio in Boston, at outdoor festivals, and of course, at dive bars in Philadelphia where your feet stick to the floor and the opening band scares your parents away.

Through all this, Typhoon Ferri has gained the ability to fit the venue. No two audiences are the same, and this band knows it. Typhoon Ferri floats around the Northeast knows how to put on a great show no matter where they land.

Gian Fiero of Muses Muse says "Typhoon Ferri has worldwide talent, and this band is ready for the worldwide spotlight." The band doesn't care about the worldwide spotlight at this very moment. However, if you've got a spotlight, you can be certain that Typhoon Ferri will fill it.