Typical Ace

Typical Ace


"three cups of punk, two tablespoons of metal, a dash of hardcore, four ounces of rockabilly, and a nice whipped topping of riotous energy"


Typical Ace is a rock influenced punk...no...a punk influenced rock band from Bellingham, WA who's sound may bring to mind a Glen Danzig fronted Hot Water Music, or perhaps a supercharged Jimmy Eat World.

Guitar players Derek Rickard and Bo Stewart began playing together over 10 years ago (learning as cousins). The two have played in several bands over the years, the most recent being Typical Ace. Typical Ace was completed by Andrea Zacharia (bass) and Tyler Cooper (drums) in late 2003. The band has since released a five song EP entitled "Where Did All The Angels Come From?" (Loa Records, Nov. 2004) and has also toured the Northwest and West Coast.

Typical Ace has shared the stage with many talented bands. To name a few: Against Me! (Sire Records), Smoke Or Fire (Fat Wreck), The Soviettes (Fat Wreck), The Reputation (Lookout!), Junction 18 (Fearless Records), The Pale Pacific (Side Cho), Racetrack (Skrocki), Shook Ones (Revelation), United State of Electronica (Mannheim), Time Again (Hellcat), Presidents of the United States of America (Pusa Music).

Future goals of Typical Ace include: touring, securing a label, recording and releasing a full length album in the near future, and touring more.


Punk's And Pints Vol 2 Comp (Sliver Records, 2006)

Where Did All The Angels Come From? EP (Loa Records, Nov. 2004)

Set List

A Typical Ace set consists of 30-45 minutes of original music, the occasional cover, and profuse sweating.