It is heavy, but not too heavy. It is the perfect blend of metal and melody. It has catchy hooks and always leaves you singing the tunes in your head when you leave.


We are a band from a very small town. I mean my graduating class in high school was 30 people. We built this from the ground up and we have been doing great. We have recently opened for such national acts as Motograter, Nobody Lives Forever, Days of a new, and also for Marcys Playground. We have really been taking off this year. I think what makes us different from other bands is that we are all real guys. We will sit there and shoot the shit with our fans for hours after a show. We arent fake and we havent let anything get to our heads.


Right now we have our one EP out "Lost and Found" but we are currently just finishing up in the studio for our new album "With Death Comes New Life"!! Two of our singles Scud Missle and Bottom of the barrel off the first album are regularly played on 94.1 WOTT Rock station based in Syracuse/Watertown area. We also have a DVD out that is some behind the scenes with live performances included.

Set List

We do not do any covers. We are an original band. Our set is usually 45-60 minutes. It includes Stand up, Another Time, Scud Missle, Wasted, A Big Fuck You, Scapegoat, Prevailing through the ashes, bottom of the barrel, outburst 2, and Swim