Tyranny of Love

Tyranny of Love


Rock music with radio-friendly/lyrical hooks with an edge.


This Toronto Canada powerpop/rock band called the
Tyranny of Love
combines the poetry/angst of Morrison with the focused 4 chord punk aesthetic of Nirvana.
What sets Tyranny of Love apart
is the anti-romantic street-wise music they generate together, both live and on their Cd's, hence the name of the band the 'Tyranny of Love'!
The band met at a Toronto poetry reading hosted by poet/published author Nik Beat.
(book: the tyranny of Love - Seraphim Editions)
The drummer & bassplayer suggested they backup Nik on some performance poems and their music grew organically out of this combination.
Rock background vocalist Linda Mercer, originally from Ottawa Canada, combines her rock vocals, keyboard playing and sexy stage persona to the band's stage appearance completing show.
Nik Beat decided to write songs with poetic lyrics and call the group
Tyranny of Love, after his best selling poetry book 'The Tyranny fo Love' (which is still in bookstores across Canada to this day!)
The word made flash!


Goodnight Girl

Written By: Nik Beat

I need someone to hold me all through the night
Someone who will stay with me
Until the morning light.
Someone who will dream with me
All through the night.
Someone who will love me
Until the morning light.
Chorus: Goodnight girl
Be my goodnight girl (x2)
I need someone to stay with me
All through the night
Someone to stay awake with me
Until the morning light
Well, I want you girl, I need you girl
All through the night
I want you now, to hold me girl
All through the night
Repeat Chorus (x3)
I need someone to love me
All through the night
Someone to stay awake with me
Until the morning light
Well, I want you girl
And I need you girl
All through the night
And I want you now to hold me girl
All through the night
Repeat Chorus (x6)
Nik Beat (c) 2007

The Party

Written By: Nik Beat

I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to go to a party
She said 'Baby I'd like that!'
So we grabbed our coats and hats for a little car ride and a little bit of excitement.
We drove that car so far away oh man I really did like it
But when we got to the house of the party and got inside I knew right then that we'd had it
and I didn't like that
It's too bad you coulda been with me
We could've had a good time tonight
Oh babe you coulda been with me
We coulda had such a good time tonight
Such a good time tonight
I saw you Baby on the floor and I could see you really adored it
I saw you take every drug in town and I knew right then I couldn't afford it
I didn't like that
Repeat Chorus
I saw you round the corner talking with a Red-Eyed Devil, I did.
And I could see the look on her face that she was really frightened
And that's too bad now
Repeat Chorus
So I grabbed my coat and hat and went out to the car
For a bit of a light man
I checked into the scene and didn't know where I was going to get a whiff of enlightenment
So I said to myself, where am I gonna go without her tonight man
But then I realized she was never really with me
So I went out into the Nightland
And that's too bad now
Repeat Chorus (+ Baby, Baby, Baby Goodbye)
Nik Beat (c) 2007

Watching the World Go Bye

Written By: Nik Beat

Watching the world, watching the givers,
Look at the town, look at the winners.

Chorus: Watching the world, watching the world go bye (x2)

Look at the town, look at the city,
Look at it now, isn't it pretty.

Repeat (x2)

Look at the people, tripping on some ditties
Then look at the world turning so shitty.

Repeat Chorus (x2)

Look at the towns, look at the cities
Look at this world isn't it a pity

Repeat Chorus (x4).
Nik Beat (c) 2007

This Is What Love Is

Written By: Nik Beat

He listened to the crowd, to the poor
He gave up his life for us and what's more
He's living with love, living with God,
Waiting for us to give our love

This is what love is (x5)

He lived his life on his words
He gave it out to the boys and girls
Living in love, give in to him
So everybody knows just in time

Repeat Chorus (x5)

Everybody in this world
He's watching whether a boy or a girl
Everybody in this world

Instrumental Break

He gave up his life, gave us a new dawn
Under his light, under his love
We will survive, we will be one
Looking at this world and
Oh my God!

Repeat Chorus (x8)

Nik Beat (c) 2005


'Goodnight Girl' (2007),
'Watching the World Go By' (2007), 'This Is What Love Is' (2007) and 'This Town' (2006).
All tracks have had extensive streaming and/or
radio airplay throughout Canadian university/college & alternative radio,
eg. CIUT 89.5 FM, EP chart position #6 2006.

Set List

We don't do covers!
Our setlist is usually 10 songs in length.
Two sets average about 50 minutes each.
The song titles, from their upcoming Cd
'The Tyranny of Love'.
Songs are:
'The Party'
'Made a god Outta My Girlfriend'
'Disney Outside My Window',
'Love But Don't Fall'
'Goodnight Girl'
'Different Mood Today'
'In God We Trust'
'Don't Let Me Fall Alone'
'This Town'
'I'm Too Old to be Angry'
'Angel of the Real'