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Ty Real 'Da RokStar!'

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"Quotes about Ty Real 'Da RokStar!'"

What people are saying about Ty Real ‘Da RokStar!’ :

“I’ve worked on numerous projects that Ty has produced. He is an amazing, dope producer. But his artist
stuff is off the charts!!! I can’t wait till we get in the studio & start mixing and mastering his project! I
think the world’s gonna really love it!” –Jim Caruana (Grammy Award winning Engineer for Beyonce)

“When Ty Real’s album drops, people are gonna have to change their game up!” – Andreo “Fanatic” Heard
(Grammy nominated Producer, Beyonce, P. Diddy)

“Even though it’s just him and a mic on stage, he just pours out so much passion & emotion in his performance.”
Silk – Promoter (Industry Mondays at The Time Square Arts Center)

“From the jump, Ty Real commands the attention of the audience because he’s real, and the audience can feel that!”
Jeremy –Promoter (Club Hiro, NY)

“Ty Real has the looks, the talent, the passion, the drive…he’s the total package. We lovin’ him out here
on the West Coast!” –Big Lee(WhoIsGlassesMalone.com)

“I don’t just help out anybody. I’m way too busy for that. U gotta have that “something” for me to deal with you.
Ty Real ‘Da RokStar!’ has that ‘something’. I’m doing everything in my power to help him get his name out there!”
-Jazzy Dee (Manager, president of Glasses Malone ‘Blu Division’ label)

“We get a lot of music…daily. Every once in a while, something stands out. Ty’s music is that for us.
We’re getting great responses from Ty Real’s songs. It’s great!” –DJ Jimmy(Program Director-HOT99OnLine)

“I was one of the first cats to start spinning Ty Real’s music at the clubs…just on the strength that his
stuff is fire! Straight fire!” –DJ Sylk (Team ACE DJ)

“Ty Real’s music is just straight dope! Everything he played me, I liked. Some, more than others, but
everything was HOT! –Ant Rich (Dir. Of A&R –Jive Records)

“Listen, dude has close to a million plays on his myspace, 600,000 views on his video ‘Hu$tle!’ on youtube
which he & his partner shot & edited themselves. There are artists signed to majors that don’t have THAT
kind of exposure! Somebody better sign him!” -Nino Villanova (Artist Management/Entrepreneur)

“Ty Real is definitely different. Just look at what he calls his style of music…”Hood Rock”. A “hood”
dude that can “rock” out…that’s CRAZY!” –Noel Burdick (Engineer for Danity Kane/Daddy’s House & DJ)

“I rarely listen to hip hop ‘cause it’s too much of the same thing and really misogynistic. But Ty’s stuff spoke to me.
He’s not degrading women and he’s not glorifying the “street life”, yet, he can have a huge impact on hip hop,
and music in general. Kanye’s the only other rapper I can think of with that kind of ability. –Christele (Fan)

- Hip Hop Insider


EP 'The Saga Begins...' available on ITunes & CDBaby.com

Radio :

'Came Up'- playing on 'HOT99OnLine.com
'On Your Way Up' - Playing on LIVE365.com, played on Shady45/Sirius 'Morning Show'
'Big Bucket'- played on Exotic Lounge Radio, Shady45/Sirius 'Morning Show
'Hu$tle!' -Played on Street Live Radio/Live365.com, Power105.1 NY

MySpace: 1 Million Plays / 1 Million Views / 10k Friends (www.MySpace.com/TyRealMusic)

Youtube : Music Video 'Hu$tle!' -600,000 views (www.Youtube.com/TyRealMusic)

Clubs :

'Mr Incredible', 'On Your Way Up' & 'Hu$tle!' played at:

Club Hiro,NYC,
Club TenJune,NYC,
Club Marquee,NYC
Guest House,NYC
Club Mansion,NYC
Bungalow Eight,NYC

'Hu$tle!' music video aired on:

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Ty Real 'Da RokStar!' Artist Features :

Featured on 'The Spizzle.com'
Featured on 'HipHopPress.com
Featured on 'WhoIsGlassesMalone.com'
Featured on 'PlatinumEntourage.Blogspot.com'
Featured on 'RockMeTv.com'
Featured on 'TheHypeMagazine.Blogspot.com'
Featured on 'MailMyMP3.com(Featured Artist)

Music video 'Hu$tle!' 'Featured Video' on VladTV.com's 'BEEF' channel

Music Video 'Hu$tle!' on VladTV.com - Front Page

Performed at -Times Square Arts Center/Industry Mondays
Performed at- Sidewalk Cafe
Performed at- Mercury Lounge
Performed at- Pyramid

Production Credits :

Produced- 'Bed' Remix by J. Holiday(2008)
Produced- 'Come Around' Remix by Collie Buddz ft Busy Signal -(2006)
Produced- 'Sunshine' Remix by Lil Flip ft Amerie-(2005)
Produced- 'F.U.R.B.(F.U.Right back) by Frankee
(#27 Billboard Top Charts 2004)
Produced- 'Me, Myself & I' Remix by Beyonce ft
Grafh -(2003)
Produced- 'You Got Served' ft Grafh & Kay Slay(Title Song for 'You Got Served' the Motion Picture)-(2004)
Produced- 'Sorry 2004' Remix by Reuben Studdard(2004)
Produced- 'With You' Remix by Jessica Simpson(2004)
Produced- 'I Do' Remix by 3LW ft P. Diddy & Loon(2002)
Produced- 'Get Into Something Remix by Jenny(2002)
Produced- 'Do Those Things' Remix by Dave Hollister(2002)
Produced- 'Backyard Barbecue' Remix by Lathan(2002)
Produced- 'Rocksteady' Remix by Remy Shand ft Smokey Robinson(2002)
Produced- 'Get The Party Started' Remix by Pink ft Lady May(2001)



“I don’t rap, I converse rhythmically.”

Ladies and gentlemen...meet Ty Real 'Da RokStar!'.

Ty Real ‘Da RokStar!’ is the "real deal". He did it the hard way: Ty's way. Never letting anyone or anything deter him from his true passion, he brought his dreams and unique musical perspectives to life. “I've never tried to be anyone but me” says Ty Real. “It just seems to me that a lot of these dudes are just saying things they think will grab people’s attention”...but there's no real conviction or belief in what they’re saying.”

Ty Real ‘Da RokStar!’ was born in the poverty-stricken South Bronx, NY, where drugs & murders ran rampant while money and food would often run low. It was that environment and those kinds of hardships that have only serve to strengthen Ty’s resolve to be great. Ty Real is thought-provoking, passionate and sincere, and he believes he has the "heart" that music is missing...and needs.

“Many times I’ve turned on MTV or BET and saw many artists getting the big “push”…and they still fail” says Ty. "I think it's gonna be different for me, though." I feel like, God carried me this far, and I don't think he'd drop me right before I reach the finish line."

Always outspoken, Ty Real speaks his mind on his self-released EP "The Saga Begins", which is anticipated to be the best showing of any new industry artist of recent. His singles ‘Big Bucket’ & ‘On Your Way Up’ are starting to receive nationwide acclaim, with ‘On Your Way Up’ getting airplay on a number of huge radio stations and ‘Big Bucket’ starting to become a college campus favorite. Ty Real ‘Da RokStar!’ calls his style ‘Hood Rock’(which, subsequently, will be the name of his debut, full-length CD)

“I’m from the hood, yet, I rhyme over rock-infused beats…a ‘hood’ dude that knows how to ‘rock’…I think that’s kinda hot!”

Ty Real is definitely what you would call a ‘self-starter’. Not having the same opportunities that others around him were afforded, actually helped to propel Ty Real.

“I taught myself how to play keyboards and work studio equipment, by going to Macy’s and Sam Ash Music in Manhattan everyday for a year straight…and I was doing this while I was homeless... that’s how much I wanted this dream!” “I slept in the rain in front of major studios in hopes I would land a job in one of them.” Says Ty, “Me & my partner Jessi Jordan landed all those projects that we were on, by ourselves…we didn’t have a powerful manager or lawyer in our corner…that was all us."

While Ty Real enjoyed some success as a producer, he knew he was destined for more. Ty Real decided he was going to do something about it.

“I said to myself, my stuff is just as good as what's out now."

As a youth in the South Bronx, Ty Real learned early on that life is about survival of the fittest. “When I was kid, my mother would leave me with different strangers…for days at a time, while she would go hang out or do drugs.” “I sometimes would be left alone, with no food, so I would go knocking on doors asking for food and when I couldn’t get any food, I would eat out of trash cans. I grew up in bad foster homes & bad group homes where I was abused & neglected even further…I had to walk from Upstate, NY to the Bronx in order to get away from all that…Now, if I did what I had to do then, just to eat & to survive, what do you think I’m willing to do now, in order to live my dream?”

It is that kind of never-say-die attitude that makes Ty Real ‘Da RokStar!’ a force to truly be reckoned with. Ty Real’s music transcends hip hop…his music speaks to the world.

“If you listen to my music, you’ll hear my hunger, desire, pain, my drive…all of the things that the everyday person has inside of them”. “I think my music is somewhat inspirational…I think my music says, “I can… and so can you.”

“At the end of the day, some of the dudes out there may be better than me but, I just want it more.”

For all those doubters and haters on the side lines, Ty Real 'Da RokStar!'s not looking at them, he's looking past them.

“My only sister was horribly raped & murdered, and both of my parents are dead…I am the last one left of my immediate family.” “So, I’m running with this dream until I make it or die trying.”

So, get ready for Ty Real 'Da RokStar!'

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