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Tyree Fuller

Band R&B Pop


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1) Love The Music - 4:14

2) Tonight - 4:00

3) Break It Down - 3:14

4) The Only One - 4:02

5) Hard To Breathe - 3:49



Born 1985, in the city of brotherly love (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) where great talents are found. With strong vocals, clever songwriting abilities, producing skills, and many other natural talents, Tyree Fuller was built for the music industry. Tyree felt a strong passion for music while growing up in a family deeply involved in music.

His father Hugh Pitt, a natural first tenor and a member of a local group called "The Darkstar", influenced him so much that all he could think about was becoming a music artist himself. Singing since he was 8 years old, Tyree was singing alot of New Edition's songs because of his voice being similiar to Ralph Tresvant. His singing voice becoming mature and rather unique at the age of 16, Tyree felt he need to start his own style than to be mimicking other artists.

Wanting to be part of a group like his father once was, he tried to startup a group with his 3 brothers. A year passed after grouping up with his brothers and no progress was being made and it seem none of them took it as serious as he did, so he went solo. At the age of 17, he decided to try and write his own songs which bought out of more his creativity towards music.

He loved writing songs so much that by the time he reached 18 he got into making beats. Being on a very low budget, he couldn't afford all the high quality studio material, so used what he had which was a computer program and a standard keyboard. Even though he knew his first projects sounded a mess, that didn't stop him from keep on trying.

As the years passed, his abilities have gotten alot better with his music that he gives it a sense of being professionally done. Primarily a R & B artist, Tyree shows his versatility by doing other genres such as Pop and Hip-Hop. Tyree's first One-Man project started in the year 2006, and is finally here in the year 2008 for the music lovers to check out and enjoy.

"Love The Music" is the reason for him being able to finish what he started. Enjoy the ride, because he won't stop even if the wheels fall off..