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MTM. Entertainment

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Is the name of our group of artist, the name of the group say's it for itself.

This group is diverse, there are no limitations as to what we can produce with our music. From main stream Hip-Hop to R&B. The collaboration between these artist is strong and well blended.


MTM.Ent. has been working together to built a strong team of artist that mesh together well. Each artist has their own qualities to bring to the group that makes MTM.Ent stand out from other groups of artist.We have set out to make great music that anybody could enjoy.

Besides all controversy with the Hip-hop culture,
at MTM.Entertainment we pride ourselves with the known fact that we make music with no vulgarity. We are working on expanding the number of group members varying from models to singer and other hip hop artists.

Set List

flexable/please contact for further info