Ty Roberts

Ty Roberts


Ty Roberts is a mainstream country recording artist and entertainer. Writing and Co-Producing his music, allows the audience to see the passion that he has for what he does best. He has a very tight bond with his band and considers them friends on and off the stage. For More: www.tyrobertslive.com


Ty Roberts is a Canadian country music recording artist and entertainer. In March of 2009 he released his second album and took the stage dedicating his “Alive Tour” to our Canadian Troops and their Families. Now, as this season comes to an end, Ty has gone back to his candlelit table, sharpened his pencil and has introduced the inception of his third album; expected to be released next spring. Growth is a key component to any artist and Ty is pleased to welcome, ‘his new team’ as they’re gearing up to record their first album together; and yet again, strive to attain that higher ground. They include: Miot Reichert, Tess Reichert, Janis Chow and KRay.
“Not only are they incredible musicians, they’re wonderful people whom I call friends.” ~ Ty Roberts ~
Life experience is what makes us into who we are today; and there isn’t any shortage of that with Ty Roberts. Without an end in sight his journey continues, as he is taking on bigger challenges booking theatre shows across Canada as an independent artist.
“Life isn’t always a golden road, some days we need to step things up, take the occasional risk to see what’s on the other side. You’re only a choice away from attaining your dreams; why wait for that perfect moment; take the moment and make it perfect.” ~ Ty Roberts ~
These are the stories that make up his lyrics, the inspiration behind his craft and the passion that drives it all home. He captures a moment in time, an experience in life, a visual glimpse, an amazing dream, a past love or maybe someone new... after-all, isn’t that what country music is all about? The art of making a song come to life for someone ‘out there’ whom he’s never met; someone special and ‘near and dear to his heart.’
Thank you for your considerations. We look forward to the opportunity of presenting our interpretation of genuine Albertan, modern day country music to you.

For more information about Ty Roberts, please contact:
Rob Merrilees: Manager 780 966 2991
Miot Reichert: Producer 780 428 0769


Whatcha Do To Me - Radio
Story Without an End - Radio

Set List

We can perform as many as 30 songs on our set list. We do 6 - 10 cover songs, or as many that are required but we prefer to perform our origional songs from our first two albums and now starting our third. Our 'soft seat' venue shows are as long as 3 hours (depending on the audience) as we are attentive to the dynamic of the show. Here is an example of our set list:

Whatcha Do To Me

Best of Times

Shine On

Coast of Somewhere Beautiful - Kenny Chesney

Suckers Bet

The Good Stuff - Kenny Chesney

100M Mosey

Uwe's Song

My Right Now

To Make You Feel My Love - Garth Brooks

Friends and Brothers

Come With Me

Every Moment


Story Without an End

What You Leave Behind

My Window

Travelling Soldier - Dixie Chicks

Better Man

Too Late Too Early

Makin Memories - Keith Urban

Once In A Lifetime Love - Keith Urban

Every Once In Awhile

Miss Morgan Rae

The Fear Inside

Ain't My First Rodeo

Wanna Get Back Home

The Danc