Tyrone Anthony

Tyrone Anthony

 Trenton, New Jersey, USA
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Tyrone Anthony, Jazz Pianist and Spoken Word Artist, is a creative scribe using the pianoforte as his pen to trace pictures of lyrical thought. Tyrone's jazz piano stylings and prophetic adulations will enhance any affair with a flair uniquely jazz and shared in praise of God.


Tyrone Anthony has a deep love and passion for the pianoforte. Primarily self taught, he has intermitently ground his playing in the jazz idiom since he was a child and plays to honor God for the pianistic voice he has been allowed to cultivate. Tyrone Anthony's growing technique, uniquely his own, draws upon the traditional styles of jazz pianists such as Oscar Peterson, Erroll Garner, Thelonius Monk, and Bill Evans. Tyrone Anthony is also influenced by contemporary artists such as Herbie Hancock, Junior Mance, Ramsey Lewis and many others. He is available for house parties, weddings, cocktail hours at hotels and other venues across the Tri-State region to perform original piano scores and post jazz interpretations of contemporary musical works. His jazz piano stylings of popular pop and traditional compositions will delight your guests and enhance any affair with a flair uniquely jazz, delightfully colorful, and shared with love in honor of the Creator's gift of music in his life. Please visit the web site to learn about his firm and their services... http://www.tagresourcesinc.com/


Spoken Word: Wherefore Are YOU oh Man?!

Written By: Tyrone A. Gaskins, with God's permission, © 2008 TAG Resources Inc.

Mm hm! Mm hm! Yes Lord I hear you…
I give praise to you oh God, Thou Who Art Creation
Whose name I won’t presume to call…

Wherefore are you oh Man
Whose Humanity I have ordained into existence
To restrict the evolution of God’s work in you?
In all I have allowed you to discover about yourself and Creation
You still look upon the heavens and cannot explain all that you see
In all I have given you in the earth to manage and proliferate
You desecrate My gifts through your treatment of the least among you
Mankind can only speculate and lie about Creation’s face
For you are not ready to appreciate Creation’s face
I beseech you to look upon My Creation through all of the Heavens
Much of which you can now see
And do anything other than theorize about My power and significance
It is greater than all you can envision in every one of your telescopes and mirrors
Its breadth deeper and wider than all the earth's and other world's oceans combined
Its righteousness more critical than all the theology of your most prolific scholars and My most prolific prophets

I give praise to you oh God, Thou Who Art Creation
Whose name I won’t presume to know…

Wherefore are you oh Man
That you could ascend past your notions of who and what you think I AM
So you might become all I hoped you would be!
I AM Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End
For all you have attributed to Me
You still don’t have solutions for your most perplexing problems
For all you have attributed to Me
You still can’t live, love and work together as One Human People
For all you have attributed to Me
You still can’t rise above your selfishness to love unconditionally
Why should man see life’s other forms in All that is Mine?
Who are you to deserve the secrets of Time and Creation?
Your blood and sinew for ALL your existence
Is but an imperceptible speck of cosmic time
Without any gravity in the scope of what Creation represents
Or within the range and impact that is My Power
You are a wayward Humanity
Not willing to move past your dogmatic minds and spirits
To understand all that is possible in you
Hence the clarion call is being sounded!

I give praise to you oh God, Thou Who Art Creation
Whose name I won’t presume to imagine…

Wherefore are you oh Man that you could Hear My voice
And look past My messenger…
Stop!! Using Me to do the things you want!
Stop!! Lying about My face; you have not seen My face; how can you describe it?
Stop!! Desecrating My earth and abundance… for your lives are in grave danger!
Stop!! Exploiting the worth of My children… for your futures are in grave danger!
Wherefore are you oh Man... That you would hear this?

Spoken Word: Chocolate Star

Written By: Tyrone A. Gaskins, © 1999, TAG Resources Inc.

Seeing you Chocolate Star
leaves me exhilarated.
The dynamic energy of your being
enthusiastically waxes many things,
from your celestial place in the sky.

Your mind Chocolate Star,
is your brightest luminescence.
Driven by a need to give,
you are destined to receive.

Knowing esteem is built upon
The outcomes of your challenges and talent,
you illuminate the darkness with light. . .
like a Chocolate Star.

Adversity has stoked your spirit.
A deep pool of crystal clear water,
cleansed and purified by streams
flowing through crevices within the earth. . .
Pools deep enough to swim in eternally. . .

The robust yet sinuous nature
of your alluring posture.
You are beautiful Queen. . .
From your nutmeg skin tone
to your sculptured hands
to your eyes. . .

Your eyes. . . ebony black
and filled with the wisdom of an elder sage,
but twinkling with the hope and wonderment
of an awestruck child. . .
like a Chocolate Star.

And the burning embers of your passion
Erected like a flagship
within the nerve centers of my mind
Serving as a beacon to remind me
Of the omnipotence of your touch
When I am not in your presence.

Your brightness is blinding, even life defining
like a prism of colors generated by the star
that lights each earth day
The heat of your love bellows in the furnace of my desires
Taking us higher and higher
Like a firestorm of the sun’s corona

Your power is nuclear and brilliantly explodes,
geometrically increasing in a sub atomic mode.
Exponentially collapsing, about to implode
with the gravitational force of a dense black hole. . .
Like a Chocolate Star.

Seeing you Chocolate Star
leaves me exhilarated.
The dynamic energy of your being
enthusiastically waxes many things
from your celestial place in the sky.

Spoken Word: How Much America?!

Written By: Tyrone A. Gaskins © 2007, TAG Resources Inc.

How much America will you take?
While your leaders lie to you and you lie to yourself
In the name of national security?
Forsaking progressive and untried solutions
To America’s problems and to world peace?

America dies because its leaders lie
We are disillusioned and ill informed
Our civil liberties steadily dwindle
As anarchy is kindled within our borders
Within our homes and neighborhoods
Bred by mass electronic saturation of the people
With the opiate, mind numbing nonsense that is
The saturation of internet pornography
Hyper-violence, Hyper-sexuality, Hyper-drive, Hyper-speed
On laptops, Ipods, Sidekicks, cellphones and High Definition TV’s across the prairies…

America dies because its leaders lie
We approach anarchy in the US of A
That is an unyielding state of arrogance and agitation
As daily drive bys and shoot outs in cities across America
Kill scores and scores of black and Hispanic youth
Maiming and killing innocent children and onlookers
As others in America arm themselves in the name of Christ
At gun shows across the prairies…

No shortage of teenagers committing mass murder
Or lack of serial killers.
Socio paths bred and raised by the dashed
Hopes and dreams of their parents
Bursting in air, under the rockets red glare
Of mediocrity and deteriorating quality of life
Parents controlled and fearful of their children
Illegal slave trades supporting child prostitution and other underground economies
And then there are the terrorists
I don't know whose inhumanity, propaganda and deceit to believe?
Theirs or America’s

Pharmaceuticals illegal for sale here at home
But infecting people around the world with HIV
A nickel bag of crack can mandate a life sentence for many people of color
While congress continues to cover up cocaine in air force hangars
And crack distribution targeted for urban areas in coordination with the cartels
And the privileged sniff that powder without rebuke or penalty
And doctors prescribe mood altering and rogue hormonal cures
For how you feel and heal
And the medical industry blocks solutions in the last G7 nation
To have national health care
Because too many of our leaders don't really care about how we feel and heal

How much America will you take
While your leaders lie to you and lie to yourself
In the name of a patriotic fellowship
Forsaking progressive and untried solutions
To America’s problems and to world peace?

America dies because its leaders lie
Hypocrisy is kindled in our churches and houses or worship
Bred by preachers who put themselves ahead of their congregations
Bred by congregates who divide themselves in the name of Christ
Bred by fear of damnation if I accept that another theology
Might also be a legitimate pathway to God!
Last time I checked
God’s omniscience and supreme authority
Was sovereign judge alone!!

But pastor says only “our” theology can get us into Heaven
Only Christ can bring that blessin’
Truth be told, I’m more interested in learning to see God in self and others
More interested in helping my sisters and brothers
More interested in evolving humanity’s
Theology toward the TRUTH that is God!
Than I will ever be in conventional and prescribed Theology, Theocracy
And the intentional misrepresentations of history and HIStory!

America dies because its leaders lie
Under the guise of a democratic society
That divides and stereotypes at every opportunity
With a vehement racism toward folks who are black, brown, yellow and that Arab fellow
Damn, he gonna get us all killed
But still the courts and pundits tell us
Racism is anesthetized
You know its subliminal, contextual, its clinical and incidental
Not an imbedded historical precedence and human pathology
That Americans continue to hide from and deny
As everything off color is demonized, minimized persecuted
And considered traitorous
So my hopes and dreams for all our children become more fearful yo…
As ultra religious extremism and satanic worship rise to sit beside it
As if the four horsemen are drawing their swords

The Anglo Saxon Moralistic Majority
Have forgotten the history of Roman Persecution
When Christianity was just beginning its dominion
The have forgotten the Christian Crusades
And how religious war was used to strip indigenous peoples
Of their culture, land and resources
And now we drop bombs on Saudi Arabia and Iraq in anti Islamic fervor
To protect the oil rich interests of the Bushes, Cheneys and others
While successive leadership in this country continues to hold us hostage to Hoover
In the name of the Judeo Christian ethic and the old red, white and blue
That masks a fear of anything other than itself
They forget that the genocide of the Jews
Was for the sake of Anglo Saxon and Germanic fears
Of difference and religious intolerance…
Medieval Europe or Adolph Hitler
Same Shit, different demographic

Now we justify the racism America and Israel promote in t

Set List

Two to Four Sets/Typical set is 25 - 30 minutes
Tyrone A. Gaskins
Truncated Piano Repertoire, January, 2012
1. A House Is Not A Home, Bacharach and David
2. A Song For You, Leon Russell
3. Alfie, Bacharach and David
4. All Is Fair In Love, Stevie Wonder
5. Amazing Grace, John Newton
6. Art Tatum, John Mehegan
7. Autumn Leaves, Johnny Mercer
8. Baby Take Time, Tyrone A. Gaskins
9. Ballad of the East, Oscar Peterson
10. Beauty and the Beast, Ashman and Menken
11. Blues in C, C Jam Blues Medley
12. Blue Monk, Thelonius Monk
13. Body and Soul, John Green
14. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, Neil Sedaka
15. Brother Asante, We Love You, Tyrone A. Gaskins
16. California Dreamin’, John and Michelle Phillips
17. Candy Man, Sammy Davis Jr.
18. Close To You, Bacharach and David
19. Christmas Time is Here, Vince Guaraldi
20. Conception, George Shearing
21. Django’s Two, Tyrone A. Gaskins
22. Diary, Alicia Keys
23. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, Duke Ellington
24. Ea