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Tyrone Houston

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Band Hip Hop Rock


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"Music Review"

No matter what your genre tastes are, this is one cd that you the listener will be able to get into. When you have an artist like Tyrone Houston giving you all the talent he possesses inside his being, rather it’s the talent of his rap music/lyrics or as an producer applying all that to his ‘No Boundaries’ CD it's pretty easy to set back listen, enjoy and come to like his music and style.

Tyrone Houston and the professional musicians behind him is to be complimented for their originality, fresh sound, expert engineering, spectacular songwriting and to be honest I believe Tyrone has exceeded his style of rap to the next highest level. Job well done!

With so much going on with artist using samplings in this music world of ours, it is beyond extreme satisfaction to hear material that is not sampled in this rap cd music. And in this case, this is to be truly appreciated and respected. Using samples is one of the foundations of rap production, but doing things differently once in a while can only add something positive and new.

All the breaks, fills and cuts work perfectly making Tyrone Houston’s cd interesting to listen to. The lyrics are original, good idea and excellent story telling skills on behalf of Tyrone’s songwriting abilities. It is tracks like these that make us proud; they are the perfect weapon against the typical stereotype that “rap music is not just about money, sex and drugs.” Houston takes his time to make that very clear on this fantastic cd project.

'No Boundaries' doesn’t lack in the department of energy and soul. Tyrone Houston demonstrates as a very talented lyricist and that includes his rhymes, which is done with strength. There is no way that a listener will lose interest, no way no how. One of the strengths that this cd has is keeping the listeners interested in what Houston is singing/talking about!

All vocalists have strong vibrant sounds, the smoothness in the vocals, all vocals are superb. Very talented artists giving their all.

Credits go to: Mastered by: Rodney Mills Masterhouse…..Photos by: Kelsey Edwards Photography…..Art Direction & Layout by: After Midnight Design…..Manufactured by: Atlanta Manufacturing Group.

Let’s change the usual format of our Hot Picks, instead lets just say: ‘Do Anything’ you can to get out there and get this cd. Share it with some of your ‘True Friends’, which none of you will be sorry. You ask: ‘Is it Worth It?’ you bet it is, with every little penny its worth it. All you need to do is listen and you will ‘Believe’ what Houston is trying to get out there. Having said that, make sure you check out the Tyrone Houston Website at: http://www.tyronehouston.com to purchase your own ‘No Boundaries’ CD.
- MuzikReviewz.com

"Music Review"

"No Boundaries" is aptly titled for Tyrone Houston's debut CD. This San
Francisco native and Atlanta resident is an amazingly talented rap artist,
songwriter, and producer. His unique and captivating style of Rap has Rock,
R&B, and Pop influences. The entire album is well-produced with song lyrics
that are heartfelt and honest. The guest vocalists on some of the album
tracks are absolutely phenomenal. If you are tired of hardcore, gangster rap
and you want a change of pace by listening to some uplifting, positive
feel-good music, this is the album to check out - icon-magazine.com


Still working on that hot first release.


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Tyrone Houston, Rap Artist/Writer and Producer, was born in San Francisco, CA. The music industry newcomer moved to the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, at age 10, where he still lives today. He graduated from the State University of West Georgia where he started to develop his style of Rap, which has an influence of Rock, R&B, and Pop mixed together.

Tyrone features several strong tracks on his project such as, "Get Free", a heavy Rock/Rap song that he penned, has hit potential! The intense song tells a story about 3 people in detrimental circumstances and the fight to get free from it . Another song, "True Friends (I'll Be There)", is another explosive Rock/RAP track that explains the importance of having a true friend. "Let Me Know..." is yet another Pop Rock/RAP track about a guy not willing to be in a commitment, and the girl is putting her foot down, demanding to either be in a commitment or be out of the relationship.

The music and lyrics of this outgoing artist are refreshing. His music reflects a fun-loving attitude, allowing you to visualize the emotional and exciting things in life -- a departure from the violence; negative lyrics and degrading music that is prevalent. "Mature Hip Hop, a culmination of Hip Hop, Live Instrumentation, and Positive Rap Lyrics" is how Tyrone describes his project. His purpose is to project a positive image, with a street edge that appeals to a growing diverse urban market. "I believe that Hip Hop has revolutionized every other music genre including Rock, R&B, and Pop." Say's Tyrone.

Tyrone's style appeals to a broader audience. "My audience is America's youth and adults who listen to popular music like Avril Lavigne, Nelly, CREED, Outkast, Eminem, Linkin Park, Vanessa Carlton, Pink, POD, and Michelle Branch. Because of the popularity of Rap and Pop/Rock/R&B music, I believe that it will only be a matter of time before we see more music combining the genres of music together with RAP.

Tyrone worked with up and coming producer Erik Grant Bennett, to develop a very unique independent RAP album that brings true meaning to Rap Songs. "I don't consider myself a Rap Lyricist, I consider my self a songwriter, that uses rap to express myself. That is why I include very strong pre-choruses, hooks, and bridges to all my songs, which is not common for most rap music"

The title of his first independent album is "No Boundaries" which clearly explains his out of the box thought process when it comes to music, because Tyrone refuses to be labeled, or create formulated music, Tyrone has a thirst to push the limits on how Rap music can sound.

Tyrone is looking for a label that believes in his vision and will promote him to reflect this vision. Take a listen to the music of Tyrone.