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Tyroneus melds his versatile production & songwriting skills into an urban trend influenced by the world itself.


Jacoby “Tyroneus” Pender was born January 4th, 1983, in rurally located Port Angeles, Washington amongst a family of musicians. His father, mother and two older brothers all had pursued professional careers in music, creating a huge musical influence throughout his childhood.

“Since I could walk, I grew up being able to stumble out to the studio in our converted-garage and listen to one of the bands playing Funk, Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop or Rock. You take your pick.”

It’s no wonder that already by the age 16, “Rone” had published his first self-produced album REAL within the Northwest underground Hip Hop scene.

“I really wasn’t thinking about producing an album. I was just doing what I always had done when I needed to vent and that was music.”

REAL, first released in 2000, began as a series of songs written and recorded without any basis other than the natural venting of the pressures of Tyroneus in his teens. However, as he began selling the album as a completed release to his High School peers, he began to realize the power of music.

“My friends sold them for fun. By the end of the first week I must have made about a grand. They just kept bringing back the money, and it blew my mind.”

However, for Tyroneus, music is an art that encompasses his talents from production through performance.

Times have changed for Rone since then, and his talent and skills as a producer and composer have since-then elevated. Rone now runs an independent production label, GameRunnaZ Records, helping thriving artists realize their aspirations in music composition.

“My mission is to think outside the box and have fun. I want to see others have fun when they hear my music and come to our shows. I'll admit, I'm a realist, but my music has gotten much more positive and upbeat. I like it better that way.”

Tyroneus is currently producing The Undercard Kings, the first group release on his indie label GameRunnaZ Records to which he also a part of. As well as a fresh new female R&B/Pop vocalist Kelsey Sage.

Please visit http://www.gamerunnaz.com for more information & video on Tyroneus.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/gamerunnazrecords

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/tyroneus


2000 - REAL
2002 - Below Tha Belt
2003 - Pain Of Conscience
2007 - The Underground Legend - Pending Press
2008 - Ashy To Classy (Q1)

Set List

1) Man On Fire
2) Let It Go ft. Concrete
3) Pockets On Swoll
4) Like We Do
5) 7 N 7
6) Look At Me
7) Still Get It

* Sets are flexible with a maximum of 60 mins.