Tyronn Hamilton

Tyronn Hamilton

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Contemporary jazz at its best, an eclectic mix of funk, soul, jazz, and R&B. The music sometimes draws from traditional jazz elements covering a full dynamic spectrum from high energetic grooves to mellow ambient expression.


A native Tennessean, Tyronn Hamilton grew up in Tullahoma. Spawning from a family of musicians and
singers, his musical interests began early in life. Tyronn
began his musical journey at age 5 playing percussion
instruments in the church and along with the family
gospel group. He eventually made his way to the drums
after his older brother moved from drums to piano. After
a very short time, although still young, he realized that
playing music was what he wanted to do with his life.
Being the youngest of 10 musically gifted siblings, and a former blues/rock and roll guitarist, it's easy to see how music would become a major force in his life.
Tyronn’s success as a musician is attributed to his father and to God. Tyronn's late father Walter was a former Blues/Rock and Roll guitarist who toured the country in the 50's and 60's with many well known artists and musicians during those years. He had a vast
knowledge of music in various genres. He made sure that he taught his family as much as he could to prepare them for their own musical journeys.

By the time Tyronn reached 9th grade he was curious about playing piano and asked an older brother to show him a few chords. Within a year he began writing. He wrote and played through high school although he never really shared with many that he even played piano. Initially he didn't take it seriously but eventually he fell in love with the instrument. Upon graduation he accepted a music scholarship to a local university for a degree in music performance with percussion as his major. He decided to change his major to recording industry management but did not finish his degree because he felt that he was ready to play and that’s all he wanted to do.

Since that time Tyronn has honed his skills as a musician playing in various bands and
many styles of music. Jazz is where he feels most comfortable and is the genre in which he feels his destiny lies as a musician. Tyronn feels, the freedom that jazz allows is incomparable to any other form of music. He loves being able to write music using whatever musical colors he chooses to create a picture of exactly what he sees. He feels that Jazz has no boundaries.

Tyronn has played with: Jesse J, Althea Renee, Montel Jordan, Jamie Slocum, Clay Walker, Bob Mintzer, Kimberly Locke, and Corey Clark.


Tyronn Hamilton Promotional Release
Radio Airplay - Pacific Rain, Midnight, Perfect Peace

Set List

Arden Way
Pacific Rain
Perfect Peace
What You Won't Do For Love
Ain't No Sunshine
The World is a Ghetto
The Samba
My Funny Valentine
All This Love
Keep That Same Old Feeling
Can't Hide Love
Funny How Time Flies
Onward, Upward