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Borough of Bronx, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Borough of Bronx, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop Latin




"TYRXNE-New Day"

Formerly known as Breeze Embalm, Bronx MC Tyrxne has been making bigger waves since shedding his former name and today he returns with a new track, “New Day.”

He’s got a unique cadence to his voice, and has the ability to flow effortlessly through his verses with speed and precision. “New Day” is a grooving, bumpy track offered by the up-and-coming MC. Apparently it comes to us from a project he’s anticipated to release in the coming months, though at this time it’s all on the down-low, as he’s trying to keep it quiet till the official release. - Hot New Hip Hop

"TYRXNE - New Day"

Earlier this year, Bronx emcee Breeze Embalm decided to shed his former persona, or at the very least, his stage name in the spirit of change, and other reasons he explained in his video for “Know My Name” (see below).

Regardless of the name switch, the same top-notch quality of music he’s known for putting out is still intact, and today, the artist now known as TYRXNE (pronounced Tyrone) rolls out a fresh new single, appropriately titled “New Day” which is expected to appear on a new project that as of this writing, is being kept on the hush. - 2DopeBoyz

"DJ Booth: Los Muertos"

On his first Booth appearance, Breeze Embalm makes a very strong impression with the lead single from his forthcoming album, Embalming Fluid. Entitled Los Muertos, the effort features an incredibly laid-back beat from producer Joey Keaze and a lovely Spanish hook courtesy of Amanda Maxine. Embalming Fluid is scheduled for release on August 17, and will feature appearances from Blu and Pro Era‘s Dessy Hinds. - DJ Booth

"2dbz: Breeze Embalm ft. Blu"

look out for more from Breeze in the near future. - 2 dope boyz

"Listen:Bread Whinners Ft. Blu"

The young boy is buoyant on the track, carrying his weight with the veteran L.A. spitter Blu. This is feel-good rap, designed to lighten your load and put a smile on your face. - Indie Shuffle

"Timing music video"

Embalming Fluid drops August 17th - 2 dope boyz

"Premiere: Cochise"

Bronx-based emcee Breeze Embalm just did the impossible: he made Audioslave sound exciting. Borrowing the riff from “Cochise,” he turns the song from a by-the-numbers modern rock single into something almost joyful. With Chris Cornell carrying the hook, the contrast between Breeze Embalm's flow and Cornell's thunderous wail elevates them both. The video's bleary-eyed minimalism turns a shithole apartment into a character, finding surprising beauty in beer bottles on the floor, and unexpected optimism in a one-shoed man dancing alone in the middle of the night. The layers of contrast wind up finally living up to the early promise of Audioslave, for a track that's kinetic and vital. 'Cochise' is a B-side track from Breeze's latest album 'Embalming Fluid'. - Afropunk

"AllHipHop: Video Premiere"

Music Video premiere. - All Hip Hop

"Embalming Fluid review"

Embalming Fluid kicks off with the Keaze produced “Los MuertoS” featuring Amanda Maxine that is full of life and death continuum contemplations, followed by “Not So BaD” featuring piano touched production from Rajiv Leroy and some vocal bgars from Dessy Hinds, later joined by Blu & Eliki on the cool and class spitting “Bread WhinnerS” produced by CS. Rise and fall of empires push ahead on the Prolyfic produced “Coin A Phrase For ChangE”, keeping the hype and vibe humble on the Keaze cut “Humble AbodE” that features support and verses from Eponymous, to the self-produced cut and fun of “Coco TittieS”, to the chronological constraints of the CS produced “TiminG”, the smooth track “Love DoG”, right before BE closes out the fun with the Prolyfic produced cuts “Have To SaY”, and the finally curtain closer of “VicE” that delivers one last dose of real life stories and real life tales of struggles and transcendence. - Impose Magazine

"URB Magazine: Premiere- Los Muertos"

After years of developing his craft and following, Boogie Down Bronx emcee Breeze Embalm is ready to breakout with his forthcoming album Embalming Fluid - URB Magazine


“Bread whinnerS” is a smooth track produced by CS, who laces it with strong piano keys and sticking synthesizer strings. Breeze Embalm channels the soul on his verses and does his best working side-by-side to king spitter Blu as the beautiful voice Eliki sings the contagious hook. - everydejavu

"John Lennon grand prize winner"

number 1 hip hop lyrics of 2012 - John Lennon songwriting competition

"Stupid Dope: Breeze Embalm Timing"

Breeze gets a nice home to do his thing, something packed with intense drum work and some tough melodies that creates a perfect space for him to unload his talents. He doesn't disappoint either, giving us a barrage of his bars along the way. - Stupid Dope

"Premiere: Humble Abode"

Bronx native Breeze Embalm shows lyrical hospitality with his new joint, “Humble Abode.” Off his upcoming album Embalming Fluid, which is due out August 17th, the Keaze-produced track features rapper Enonymous for a warmer welcome to their casa of bars. - RESPECT Magazine


In person, Holguin comes off as meek and unassuming – the typical puffed chest swagger that you see from most rappers is nowhere to be seen from the near six foot Crown Royal-colored mc. Most questions are first met with a smile and laughter before he gathers his thoughts and responds; it feels perfectly natural as questions meander from who would be his dream feature (“Lupe Fiasco”) to talking about being ignorant high schoolers (“I wanted to be the Gerard Way of rap”). - Truetoo

"Kevin Nottingham: The No Faces video"

Dope video for a dope track from Bronx MC... Certified dope - Kevin Nottingham


El Peligro (2022)
Fire Starter (2021)
TYRXNE (2018)



Born and raised in The Bronx, TYRXNE is burning bright enough to bring a city down. From viral Facebook freestyles gaining over 2.5 Million views to making Viral TikTok's gaining over 50K Followers, TYRXNE is capitalizing on that heat with the release of his third album "El Peligro". Once again showing how versatile his art is with his first Spanish album.

A Grand Prize Winner of The John Lennon Songwriting award (Hip Hop) he has been featured on publications such as HotNewHiphop, 2DopeBoyz, AfroPunk, DjBooth, OkayPlayer and more. Showing both critical and fan acclaim. 

TYRXNE sold out his first headlining show in NYC (Bowery Electric) and headlined his first international slot in Mexico City (Bajo Circuito). Followed up with a packed house at Chelsea Music Hall (NYC) for the release of "El Peligro"

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