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Wake Up Little Birdie

Written By: Andrew Walter Jr.

Emerge from your shell the world is larger that what you’re use to.
But can’t you tell that you’re not the first to experience something new.
You’ve been feed fine cuisine or stale bread.
It doesn’t matter what your taste is just be tasteful in your choices.
And when it’s all said and done, the day has still just begun.
It’s a never ending cycle, study hard and be knowledge’s disciple.

Wake up little birdie,
It’s time to spread your wings,
There’s more to life than simply flying.
Be wise and don’t despise
Your father’s teaching
You’re one of a kind
You’re meant for swimming.

School is out now. It’s time to live your listen
And there’s now doubt the life will provide more learning.
You have your dreams; struggle with your self esteem.
Stop hoping for the best, work hard to make it manifest.
Breath in and hold it, Exhale you own it.
The sky is your front door; there are no limit you can’t explore.


Wake up, wake up can’t sleep the day away.
Wake up, wake up day dreaming doesn’t pay.
Wake up, wake up you know what to do.
Wake up, wake up be the best at doing you.