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"ESPN to use local group's song on NFL Countdown"

The new football song by local group Tyte Wurk is catching on faster than numbers adding up on local scoreboards on Friday nights.

The song "What Is It?" (The football song), as it’s being called, has been tailored for each school, presented by courtesy of Superkala Records in Enterprise and the group.

Tyte Wurk (Tight Work), with members Kosha aka Kelvin Seldon and Dirty Black aka Christopher Johnson, is a group that subscribes to no rules and has an uninhibited sound of rhyme, emotion and impulse that comes through from the first beat of the new song.

Students, faculty members and coaches are praising the song that speaks of football and the season filled with hard work and "bringing it back to the house."

"Who’s House?" explodes the hip-hop version and the reply is credited to the different school mascots; Wildcats, Tigers, Gamecocks, Rebels, etc.

The sports channel, ESPN, also became interested in the song and will use the lyrics and customize the song for the ESPN NFL Countdown, beginning Thursday, Sept. 8.

Superkala Records Vice President Trey Wilson said the song can be heard before the football game and it will be tailored to use for ESPN.

"We sent them both versions of the song, one in hip-hop and one in a rock version," Wilson said. "They chose the rock version to use and they’ll let us know the storyline or angle they want us to send them. We record everything here at our production company at Superkala."

Wilson said most of the general public didn’t know about the quality sound Superkala offers and how the facilities could produce a quality record.

"Anyone can call us and get a CD recorded. We’ve got some really good studio equipment and we do all the writing and production here for many groups," Wilson said, "and we’re proud of the fact that Kosha and Dirty Black has produced a national song from Superkala."

The writing and musical talents of the group are exceptional and according to Wilson, Troy University Trojans are using the song when the team runs out on the field and when the Trojans score a touchdown.

Kosha, experiencing the rhythms of music at a young age in Georgia, quickly learned about life, music and surviving through hard times. His seven older siblings had a make-shift studio in the back of an old funeral home where locals would record and from this, Kosha developed into a proven professional engineer. A veteran of the United States Army, Kosha has become well versed in all aspects of the music industry from writing to production.

Christopher or Dirty Black hails from Panama City, Fla., and has an uncanny mixture of talent, from writing captivating lyrics to delivering speed and clarity to his verses. Tragedy often breeds triumph and in Dirty Black’s case, the loss of his brother has become his inspiration. Dirty Black’s brother was shot and killed before he had a chance to become successful with a basketball scholarship.

Both Kosha and Dirty Black are now residents of Enterprise working with Superkala Records on finishing an album.

"We’ve got the album finished and we’ve done it all in Enterprise," Kosha said. "We hope to have a couple of our songs out on radio and then the CD will come out soon."
- Enterprise Ledger


Mary Jane
Who You With




Tyte Wurk is simply a product of the grind. Tyte Wurk is the outcome of what every artist involved in hip-hop and R&B today strives to achieve. It is a term to compliment something and show appreciation for it. Tyte Wurk is the result of creativity, dedication to your trade, 1000s for hours of hard work and implementing a vivid imagination. They write, record, produce, engineer, market, and promote their tracks themselves.

Tyte Wurk is a group that subscibes to no rules, and adheres to no agenda. Kosha, Dirty Black members of this uninhibited exploration of sound, rhyme, emotion and impulse. It was founded in South Alabama comprised though both artists are from Georgia and Florida. They shared a common goal creating carefully crafted tracks, lyrics, and beats combined with an unmatched work ethic. Both Kosha, and Dirty Black have experienced their personal ups and downs in the music industry but have come together to articulate a style all their own with influences of Classic Southern Soul singers such as Otis Redding, and O.V. Wright as well as "new" classic hip hop artists like Goodie Mob, and Outkast. The group shares a heritage with their craft combining sultry hooks but stayin true to their "DIRTY SOUTH" roots.

The sounds shaped by these artists are carving out a niche all their own in Southern Hip-Hop today. Delivering tracks with veterans like, Bubba Sparxxx, David Banner, Blood Raw, etc. A new joint entitled, What It Is, was featured this entire past football season on ESPNs NFL Sunday Countdown as THE opening song for the show which reaches over 2 million viewers each week. "Each week, we would re-write and re-record the track to coincide with story-lines from that weeks action," said Kosha. The entire project was done in the groups home studio in Enterprise, AL. The energizing, track was customized for numerous college and Pro Teams all over the United States and Europe. Their new single Mary Jane: REMIX, and dubbed the smokers anthem, has had a tremendous impact in clubs and at radio. It has been taking mix-tapes, as well as radio across the country by storm. The joint began popping up on terrestrial stations from Miami to New York, to Los Angeles, and has since gained world wide exposure by being added to hip hop stations in 12 countries. Both XM, SIRIUS, and Music Choice are currently playing the song. "The track is a hard-hitting street-ready mix that is sure to be a classic for years to come" said PD Jimmy Daughtry. The group is continuing the streak with "WHO YOU WIT," a call out and tribute the the "DIRTY SOUTH's" dominance in the rap game today. With all of this exposure coming to a small group from Southern Alabama, there could only be one thing left to do, let everyone know about the "SECRETS OF THE SOUTH," the new mix-tape that has already gone through two runs of pressings. Volume 1 is hosted by DJ Co-Lock and was created to let everyone in on the South's best kept "SECRET." Keep an ear open for it coming to your speakers soon. It takes years of grindin, to get into the game, but years add experience, experience adds knowledge, and knowledge, and knowledge is power Tyte Wurk.


Christopher Johnson, AKA Dirty Black comes from the bottom of the map, directly on the Gulf of Mexico near the water in Panama City, Florida. Rap is not just way of rhyme, "its life's expression of me." With an uncanny mixture of talent, writing captivating lyrics, and delivered with a melodic range on hooks, or speed and clarity on his verses, Dirty Black is on the road to becoming one of the most distinguished vocalists in all of hip-hop. Tragedy often breeds triumph, and in Dirty Black's case, the loss of his brother has become the inspiration that wakes him up every morning pushing him to go that extra mile, stay that extra hour, and work that much harder to accomplish his goals. "Having been so close to success in basketball with a scholarship, and pro scouts already hovering around, my brother was shot and killed before he could achieve what he had worked for his whole life." Its this work ethic, combined with natural talent that is a recipe for greatness! From the bottom of the map to the top of the charts, Dirty Black is on his way.


Straight from the backwoods of Georgia, Kosha AKA Kelvin Seldon has been rhyming since he could talk. Raised with 7 older siblings in Talbotton, GA, Kosha learned quickly about life, music, and surviving through tough times. His brothers had a make-shift studio in the back of an old funeral home where locals would record. Its was the basic principles of recording that would prove valuable later in life when he was certified a Pro Tools engineer at Outkasts Stankonia studios. Already an accomplished artist, having appeared on numerous underground Southern mix tapes, as well as Dark Days, Bright Nights - Bubba Sparxxx, Kosha has become well versed in all aspects of the music industry from production to writing to promotion. A ve