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Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop Soul




"T-Zank Exclusive Music Eyz Interview"

Where do you live?

I currently reside in Ada, OH but am from Angola, IN.

Many of our readers are UK based and as such may not be aware of you or your music. How would you describe your sound?

My sound is best described as technically fast & lyrical hip hop with an inspirational & energetic vibe. I bring deep emotion in my tracks stemming from my personal struggle, overcoming of hardship and social consciousness.

Tell us about your latest release

My latest release, a mixtape titled Section Z, was created to inspire people to rise above the challenges presented to them in life and use the things they don’t understand to drive them to better situations.

Section Z can be downloaded for free

What was your motivation for this latest release?

I want to help people with every project I create and this tape is my best efforts toward that goal. Section Z exemplifies the medical struggles I have been battling my whole life and how I use that today to fuel my success. It highlights the importance of following what you truly believe in with undeniable dedication.

What influences are there that helped shape your sound?

There are ultimately to many to name, but I gain inspiration from a variety of artists, from hip hop to rock. I get a revolutionary and conscious influence in my music through artists such as Rage Against The Machine,Mos Def, Killer Mike, Nas & Talib Kweli to name a few. The wild creations made by artists like Jim Morrison , Jimi Hendrix & Eric Clapton inspire me to one day become an icon in I also use to playback Twista and similar artists verses and try to mimic them because it has always been amazing to me how clear they can be while being quick at the same time.
What is the music scene like in your home town?
The music scene in the small town that I am from is a mixture of all genres for the most part. A lot of people listen to country and rock and roll, the younger crowd listens to music from hip hop to metal.

How did you get started in music?
I started playing guitar when I was ten years old. My Dad was always playin the drums and bumpin classic rock, so that inspired me to start playin. Since then I’ve been picking up a number of instruments such as piano and drums, trying to craft my own variety of tunes. When I went to college it evolved to a heavy hip hop focus, but I got more music in a lot of directions for people in the future.

What hints and tips would you offer to anybody trying to get in to music?

If your trying to make it a career, love it. Stay focused on creating a unique sound and studying the music business like you would for any other professional job. Its a profession for those

If you weren’t in music, what do you think you would be doing and why?

I currently work as an electrical/project engineer in Ohio in addition to my music

If you could collaborate with any body, who would it be and why?

Mos Def, because he is one of the most intelligent artists to ever grace the game. Every song has a relevant purpose that educates as well as inspires.

Just how big can you be?

I want to take my music around the globe and plan to. Every day is another opportunity to show someone else what I can do musically and hope that it will inspire them in a positive way.

Are there any acts that you think our readers should be keeping an eye on?
Watch out for A.M.F.J., Kid Bufkin, and J Tubbs from my area. Keep your eyes on Indiana hip hop in general, this State has a number of emerging artists with unique talent.

In terms of your music, what does success look like?
Success is an immeasurable crowd in front of me at a stage show that believes in the same message that I push; to use the struggle in your life to fuel your successes.

Do you have any plans to visit the UK?
I hope to come to the UK as soon as possible, hopefully within the year. A clothing partner of mine, THTC , is based out of London and I plan to come out to see them, do some shows and expand the mind!

What message would you like to leave for the readers of Music Eyz and everybody in the UK?
Use your struggle to fuel your future success, Rise Above! Become the person you dream to be, not the person that everyone else thinks you should be.

Any last words from you?

Shout out to my music family Successful Musik and Music Eyz for the interview!

Thanks again for your time T-Zane and good luck with the music. -

"T-Zank - Fresh Face, Fresh Methods"

Article by Mary Sekela

It’s not every day you get to share a stage with names like Tech N9ne and Machine Gun Kelly, but up-and-coming rapper Taylor Zank (T-Zank) has been having a good year. Luckily enough for me, I caught up with this fresh face just a few days after he and his crew opened for the superstars, and he was more than willing to let me in on the fun:

“The show was incredible! Definitely a new experience for me and my team,” he said. “It was our first time with anybody that’s really known in the industry. But we came out with a lot of energy and really made a presence.”

As a 21-year-old rapper who’s only been writing seriously for about two years, its clear that energy is something T-Zank has in spades. And that drive is a necessity—to go so quickly from “messing around” in his friend’s basement to performing with recognized industry giants has required the kind of dedication most of us don’t learn until well into our thirties. But Zank’s got it:

“I’m working at it every day,” he said. “It’s a constant grind—it hasn’t stopped since I started. I’m literally writing every day, recording every day. I put my heart and soul into this.”

So, what is this “heart and soul” that’s lifted Zank out of the basement and into the spotlight? The basic building blocks are simple: conscious raps and regional pride. While having a good time is always among the top priorities for T-Zank and his crew, the foundational goal is social consciousness—creating raps that reflect the very real problems faced by everyday citizens.

“The drive is to make lyrical and unique music that is guided toward the people,” said Zank. “The goal is to awaken people to a lot of the social problems we have today, as well as have a great time doing it.”

In addition to following in the footsteps of conscious rappers like KRS-One and Mos Def, T-Zank also maintains one of rap’s original defining characteristics: boy reps his region. While the Midwest rap scene has long been eclipsed by that of the coasts—and, more recently, of the South—rappers like T-Zank are joining the ranks of Midwestern artists who refuse to let convention determine the potential of their musical territories. Straight out of Indiana, Zank, along with the rest of Team Midwest, sees a bright future for his region’s reputation.

“People immediately judge someone who’s from the Midwest as someone who’s not going to know a lot about hip-hop, because it evolved on the East Coast and the West Coast and eventually the South, but I feel like I could really represent what the Midwest is about,” he said. “I want to branch off in my own direction and really create a new sound for the area, and continue to evolve.”

T-Zank’s latest mixtape—Revolutionary Speech—which dropped just a few weeks ago, contains no small amount of that socially conscious regional pride. Tracks like “Corruption” call out the government for shady dealings and the public for ignorance, while “Midwest” proves that Zank means it when he claims love for the region. But it’s not all about the big picture—this mixtape also demonstrates an obvious pride in Zank’s crew itself. The music isn’t just about social consciousness or regionalism; it’s about strengthening the personal relationships he has with his friends/coworkers.

Interestingly enough, modernity has made it possible for such valuable relationships to form and evolve not only via face-to-face contact, but through that most pervasive of all technologies: the internet! Zank is truly a child of the 21st century—he has promoted himself not only through the conventional methods but also by reaching out to artists and producers online.

Despite the general suspicion (at least among the older generations) of any contact made via social networking sites or other online avenues, T-Zank says he has made great musical progress by developing an online community. Due to his willingness to utilize the technologies as his disposal, Zank has worked with artists around the country, collaborating with some without ever speaking face-to-face:

“I have been able to really network socially [online],” he said. “I actually did a song with a Harlem artist from Dipset named Tom Gist, completely met him through Facebook. And really it’s just been uploading links and messaging artists that are around me… From this point I’m trying to expand, just trying to network and get out with as many people as I can.”

As for what’s next on the agenda, T-Zank is currently planning a tour that could move as far afield as the West Coast itself—and this writer is betting he gets there sooner rather than later. Zank’s dedication to the craft has clearly done him credit so far, and there’s no end in sight. Look out for tour dates starting this August, and prepare to hop on that Midwest movement! - Jenesis Magazine


Who’s T Zank?
T Zank is a lyrical hip hop artist from the Midwest, specifically Indiana. He creates music with a socially conscious drive intended to make a difference in the world. Preaching to follow your heart and do what you love, Zank brings a new energy into the hip hop scene that portrays positive messages and encourages listeners to develop as much knowledge as they can. Along with intelligent and deep rap, T also knows how to throw down party music while still maintaining an adept and unique style. No more senseless music only created to make money, its time for a conscious musical revolution developed for the betterment of the people!

How did you get started in the music scene?
I started playing guitar when I was eleven years old and played in numerous independent bands growing up. When college came and I continued to develop my personality, I found that I had a big talent for lyricism and delved into creating the same style of purposeful hip hop I had grown up listening to. I was angry at how the culture of hip hop had evolved and strayed away from the meaningful rap I had grown up with, so that motivated me to create real music with a message.

What’s the method at the time of writing a song?
First I develop a topic that I want to try and stick with that matches the beat that I am working with. From there, I work to build complex rhyme schemes and deep symbolism that are all brought together by unique flow. Ill simply just sit down, zone out the world with my headphones on blast, and get into my focus.

What makes you different to other rappers out there?
I’m different than other rappers because I portray a positive message and go against the grain of thought that is typically associated with hip hop of my time. My rhymes contain deeper meaning well beyond that of the typical hip hop artist that our culture has become accustomed to. The way that I rhyme fluidly through tracks and connect my lines together is unique in itself and holds tremendous technical talent that stands alone as its own style. I also look to use samples from any music genre and am always working to create new material that breaks new boundaries. The goal is to stand as an individual who represents the people in a musical and intellectual way.

Truth Vol. 1. How was the recording and writing process? How you came out with the album’s title?
In Truth Vol. 1 I wanted to use material that was relevant to our social state as a country while establishing myself as a technical and intelligent rapper who is serious about what he does and also knows how to have a great time. My writing directly came from my independent research of social issues as well as from personal experiences I have had growing up. The recording process took place at my college, Ohio Northern, with my partner and producer David Sentongo. He provides me with a studio, incredible beats, and shares the same drive to change the rap game in a positive way. I completed the album in the midst of finishing out my Junior year as an Electrical Engineer while competing in college tennis for the University, which defines my grind personality in itself. The title of the album stemmed from my ambition to give people something truthful and real to listen to, something with the same smart influence that Mos Def had in Black on Both Sides but also with unique aspects that define me as an independent artist.

What’s are your music influences?
As far as hip hop goes, I get a lot of influence from classic artists such as KRS-One, Wu Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Mos Def, Big L, Big Pun, and Gang Starr. The list could continue for days, but in essence I create my content by listening to artists with a purpose to serve to our society. These names inspire my lyrical content. Killer Mike provides an incredible story in his rhymes that explains the hardships of being born into poverty and also the importance of fighting for what you believe in to achieve whatever your heart desires. I gain an inspirational aspect to my music that was inspired by Mike. As far as flow and rhythm go, I am inspired by names such as Termanology, Freddie Gibbs, and Reks. These artists chop up beats with technical finesse and ridiculous rhyme scheme that I emulate and build off of in making my own music. All of these artists also practice the art of freestyle which is also a huge deal to me. I love to freestyle and find it to be a true form of hip hop that defines people who really have a rhythm within. Shouts to real hip hop and conscious artists!
I gain large inspiration from classic rock artists such as Jimi Hendrix who successfully created their own styles and now stand as legends in the industry. The way that Jimi made music, it was just so obvious that it was coming from within him…The rhythm was truly inside of him. It was so unique to his time, but proved to be a major influence on music in general…He inspires me to be that individual within music who makes a massive difference with his personality and never changes who he is.

So what has been the funniest moment you guys have been or took part while touring or playing a show?
My team and I were performing at this house party in Fort Wayne doin our thing and we had the entire crowd jumpin during Blowin In The Breeze(a single from Truth Vol.1) . Shit got so wild that we actually broke the floor in the basement during the song. The funny part of it was that the owners didn’t care at all, so we finished out the show and had an incredible rest of the night. It ended up with a freestyle circle at the end of the night with everybody that wanted to rap clownin on each other and made for some hilarious memories.

Are there any plans for the future we should be aware of?
Im working on a new project that has more of a soulful hip hop vibe as well as more music to party to. Along with that I am always making new conscious tracks and have formed a new group with my partner Conspirito known as Paradhyme…we will be releasing a mixtape soon so look for that politically motivated spit! I am working with my manager and team to develop a Midwest/East Coast tour for the coming seasons so look for us in performance as well

Where can we find more about your music?
You can keep up to date with me on twitter @zank01 as well as Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/T-Zank/191636667538622…My YouTube page is always active with new music http://www.youtube.com/user/zankins15?feature=guide and you can keep up to date on my tours, interviews, and new projects at www.reverbnation.com/tzank
New website is in the works and is coming soon…
My latest mixtape, Revolutionary Speech can be downloaded for free at http://www.datpiff.com/T-Zank-Revolutionary-Speech-mixtape.353440.html and my latest album Truth Vol. 1 is available on ITunes.
Join the Midwest Conscious Movement!

Do you feel you are moving on the right direction?
I feel like I am moving in the right and more importantly my own direction. I look to inspire people in the future to do what they love to do and pursue their dreams while staying intelligent and questioning everything that they are told. Develop your knowledge and build what you know, cause this is one of the only things that cannot be taken away from you. The way that I see it, there is only bright things for my future! - Vents Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



T-Zank has accomplished some strong things independently this year. This summer, Zank wrapped up a 20-city tour, released a new album, Evolve, and is constantly developing new music that resonates with his lyrical, fast & socially conscious lane. He received an overwhelmingly positive response to the Evolve album, which is a testament to a strong grass roots movement that can grow so much bigger if T-Zank is given the opportunity to network, establish relationships with larger acts, and travel more.

T-Zank is committed to making an impact not only through his music, but also through his brand and message. He has dealt with personal shortcomings, doubt, and health issues that have threatened his ability to make music. However, his drive, perseverance, and a refusal to succumb to negativity have motivated T-Zank to come out on top every time. The message in his music is one that everyone can relate to: move forward with what you truly love and never quit.

T-Zank has shared the stage with several notable acts including Tech N9ne, Rittz, Ces Cru, Twista, and even MGK. He has developed strong relationships with several promoters, A&Rs, and program coordinators throughout the country. In fact, through such relationships, he has been able to secure placements for his music on shows such as House of Lies, a Showtime hit series.

More than anything, T-Zank is known for his coordinated and high-energy performances and his ability to connect with crowds. He brings the same passion to each performance whether it is for a sold out audience or a group of local fans. Review the performance video enclosed in the press kit to see footage from a recent performance in Kokomo, Indiana. Bring T-Zank to your venue and expose your crowd to an incredible lyrical performer they will fall in love with and continually come back to see.

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