Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

Armed with wonderful pop tunes performed by a energetic and tight rock act, Tzars brings to mind bands like Foo Fighters and Coldplay - including everything inbetween. A classic line up who wants to push a few boarders!

Other Info

Cover band: 


This Love Is Murder (single, 2006)
Pride/Seasons (single (2007)
TBA (album, september 2008)

Set List

Bombs - 3 min
This Love Is Murder - 3 min
Strong - 4 min
Heads And Hearts - 3 min
Pride - 4 min
Till You´ll Be Back - 3 min
Rio - 3 min
Seven Sundays - 4 min
Hail To The Rebel Hearts - 4 min
Seasons - 5 min

The typical set ends up at about 35-40 min