Heartfelt and moving. Excellent world class songwriting performed with a contemporary twist and edge that hypnotize the listener. Poignant lyrics within a sound that moves, shakes, soothes, and cries all at once.


Tzol is the founder, singer and principal songwriter of the World Rock band Kan'Nal, (myspace/kannal), Creating conscious positive music and art for the planet Tzol writes and tours with his band Kan'Nal as well as performs and records his solo work.
Born native to Austin, Texas, Tzol grew up listening to legends such as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams... After all he is a Texan... His tastes later developed into more New Wave and Rock, oriented bands like Janes Addiction, The Cure, U2 and The Doors.
After much time and inspiration living in the deserts of northern Mexico and traveling extensively through Central America Tzol began writing songs and performing as a professional musician in February of 2000.
Currently he is working on his first solo release which is due out in early 2008.


Current works by Tzol:
Kan'Nal ~ Dreamwalker
Kan'Nal DVD ~Live at the Boulder Theater

Set List

The set list contains all original material written by Tzol. One 90 minute set is the preferred performance though the artist has plenty of material to reach beyond that when necessary. I.E. Two one hour sets, etc...