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Attica, IN | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Attica, IN
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop Psychedelic





Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with this truly phenomenal artist who is coming up in the Indianapolis music scene as well. I saw him perform live at a show called Flight of Fancy in October. The show was a collaboration of works by various different types of artists. There was a fashion show organized by his partner WaZeil who is a fashion designer, and it was held in an art gallery in Indianapolis called Rapp Family Gallery, where on the same night began a month-long display of several fantastic artworks (paintings, photographs, 3D creations, etc.) done by people from all around Indiana. In fact, WaZeil paints herself, and had her artwork featured on the wall. During the show that night UaZit performed some of his songs live and I was blown away by how great it was, even though the sound setup was a bit off. After the show I went home and watched a ton of his music videos, listened to every song I hadn’t already heard, and I was really pleased with the execution of his entire project. His music videos are on par, his appearance in the videos is always super creative, and the lyrics and sounds are mind-boggling for normal society. As he and WaZeil said before the show at Flight of Fancy, “I don’t think THEY are prepared for what (UaZit) is going to do.” If you haven’t heard of him, do check this guy out. It’s definitely worth it. The YouTube channel features his music, WaZeil’s paintings/design work, and even their duo show The WazUaz Show. The channel is Stalph.

SYD: How long have you been doing this- writing music, per se? What made you want to go this direction?

UAZIT: I conned my grandma into buying my first guitar from an auction sale at twelve years old. Self-taught, roughly two years had passed when I began forming bits and pieces of music. Eleven years later, I continue to write.

Music was one of those things that from the moment I first indulged, I knew it was meant to be. Like a drug, I felt it deep down in my soul. It was and is my purpose in life.
SYD: What are your musical influences? Who do you look up to, who inspires you as far as music goes?

UAZIT: Ummmmm…. I am horrible at narrowing down my best friends, so here is a general list.

Les Claypool and Primus, Gogol Bordello, Brand New, Foxy Shazam, mewithoutYou, Modest Mouse, No Doubt, Portishead, Portugal. The Man, The Red Paintings, Say Anything, Thursday, Thrice, Warpaint, Queens of the Stone Age, Violent Femmes, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Talking Heads, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Smiths, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Maps & Atlases, K.FLAY, Danny Brown, Childish Gambino, Flatbush Zombies, Mac Miller, Wax, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Tech N9ne, Nitty Scott, Logic, M.I.A, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Kid Cudi, The Chariot, Underoath, Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, and last but not least Fear Before the March of Flames.
SYD: Tell us about your technique for writing your music.

UAZIT: Some days I start with a drum beat and build the instrumentation piece by piece around it. Other times, I do the exact opposite searching through sounds and notation patterns until something hits my ear just right. It is all about layering either route I choose when delving into a new composition.
SYD: If you plan to do a lot of live performances in your career, where is somewhere you would really enjoy playing at above all others? What kind of venue appeals to you?

UAZIT: Anywhere and everywhere! I would love more than anything to play all over the world. My goal is to live life on the road and in the air sharing my creations with others.

I plan to independently hit the festival circuit on occasion. Though, for the sake of keeping my performances intimate I would not want to host in any venue larger than a theatre. By no means do I feel playing arena shows to be my style.
SYD: Have you ever experienced with musical collaborations with anyone besides yourself? Does the idea interest you?

UAZIT: Over the past decade I have collaborated with many people on a multitude of different projects. I began publicly performing live in an acoustic duo which then morphed into a handful of different bands ranging from post-hardcore to indie to the metalcore genres and beyond.
SYD: Where do you get your inspiration for the artistic take on your music videos and other recordings you have filmed?

UAZIT: For me, forming a video is like vomiting. All it takes is that one heave and you are off to the races until the toilet is filled with floating chunks and inspirational bubbles. Something as simple as a single word from the song could fire it.
SYD: Have you planned any upcoming shows for yourself?

UAZIT: Not currently.
SYD: Last of all, tell us about your favorite song/video combo you have created so far. What does it represent to you?

UAZIT: My favorite that I have released to the public so far would have to be “Black Box Children.” First off, the video itself was shot using stop motion by myself with a little help from WaZeil. Over 1,500 images had to be sifted through and edited. The overall message of the song is that the “black box” aka television, computer, tablet, etc. is telling us all how to feel, eat, sell, and see. Most of us do nothing to think for ourselves, but follow along with everything that is deemed correct by one form of media or another. The video itself depicts an architect behind the scenes writing out what will be cast across the “black box” media platforms while visually pressing choices upon a person of what to and not to use. - DRUNK OCTOPUS MAGAZINE (Article by Syd Innovaria)


iuniōrēs (April 2017)

Bed, Bath, and Inbetween EP (October 2016)




UaZit [25] owner of Stalph, is a self-taught music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist.  Over the past decade, UaZit has dipped his hands into an array of musical endeavors, including fronting multiple hardcore/indie projects as well as performing as a solo acoustic artist.

Currently, UaZit self-produces a unique, psychonautic beat driven sound to call his own.  Alongside creating music, UaZit is a professional photographer, videographer, and graphic designer.

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