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"Artist Feature"

[ ]ube (Cameron Sapp) is a producer/DJ from Atlanta, Georgia. Since his start at age 15, he has gained credible recognition from across the globe. From remixing songs for major artists to producing music for the Bon-Ton Fashion Show, [ ]ube has shown he is a major player in the EDM world.Not wanting to be held down by the ties of one genre, [ ]ube often makes all different genres of EDM. From House to Trap to Dubstep, [ ]ube diversifies what it means to be an artist. “If I produced all dubstep or trance, people would only know me for that and I wouldn’t be able to branch out much. You take an artist like Deadmau5, he is always going to be known for his great house music. I just want to be known for making all different types of music so I can connect with everyone.”

As of right now [ ]ube is working on his second EP in which he plans to release this Winter.

You can Follow [ ]ube via:
Twitter: @TheOfficialCube

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/ube-1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Official-Cube/132458026931282
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-Behind the Mask
-The District
-After All this Time
-Barbie Girl ([ ]ube Remix)
-Unfinished Symphony
-In Your Dreams
-Last Friday Night ([ ]ube Remix)
-A Night on the Town

-London (Seer's Symphony)
-Bright Lights
-Midnight Slumbers
-HTTP 404
-Hooked on a Feeling
-Milwaukee Overcast
-Surely Airy Morel
-Upper Modest Life
-Makes You Smile
-Somebody that I Used to Know ([ ]ube Remix)
-Two and a Half Wins

-Flux Night
-I Did This Didn't I
-Levels ([ ]ube Remix)
-Misty Eyes
-Riot on 73rd!
-Sick Nasty
-Take me Into the Night
-Sconnie the Weekend
-Switchbacks and Fondues
-Sneak Attack
-Finished Symphony ([ ]ube Remix)

-Coffee and Cigarettes
-Clarity ([ ]ube Remix)
-Dat Ass
-Paris Nights
-Sconnie the Weekend (Trap Edit)
-The Back Room
-Wood Violet
-Destroyer of Worlds



Cameron Sapp, known as [ ]ube, began his musical career in 2006 while still in grade school. As a young teenager, Cameron learned guitar, drums, and keyboard, which kept him constantly busy with music. In late 2008, Cameron began getting into the EDM scene through his passion with drums. Producers like Basshunter and Daft Punk heavily influenced Cameron into start producing Electronic Music. In 2010, Cameron officially began his career as [ ]ube and started producing from his bedroom. [ ]ube quickly gained the attention of local EDM gowers and his popularity grew fast. In late 2011, [ ]ube was asked by the Fortune 500 Corporation Bon-Ton to produce music for their upcoming fashion show. [ ]ube created three exclusive tracks which were played throughout the fashion show and at the headquarters of Bon-Ton. Since then, [ ]ube has DJ'd at numerous events and venues around the Atlanta area and recently became the producer for Salvation Music. With his first officially released EP coming this fall, [ ]ube is bound to make ripples in the EDM pool.