uberfunk is a blend of mellow and vibrant colors of funk, jazz, rock, blues and reggae. The high energy show easily melts into a chill enviroment for all to enjoy. The music can jam on to no end or blow your mind in five minutes making you want more.


uberfunk started from the formation of a single duo. The duo morphed into a trio. Sonny and Eppo met, drummer Kevin FitzGerald one day after school. The three immediatly went into a jam session and the connection was made. The band quickly began to play more and write the songs that have appeard on the studio debut "MellowDramaticStringQuartet". From there the band started to play around the hometown of Eden,NY. Not much there so the band jumped into the Harvest Sum Studios to record their first album. After the album was made the young band jumped into the WNY music scene and began to play their custom improvised rock/funk/jazz in the surrounding areas including, Orchard Park, Amherst and Buffalo, NY. Since then the band has played with numerous bands including, Lynch ft. Jim from moe., Big Leg Emma, Lazlo Hollyfeld, Smackdab, Total Protonic Reversal, Oshe, Mini Motor Punch and many others.


Mellow Dramatic String Quartet
Live @ Bjoes
Strategically Placed Yogurt
Polonium Oxide

Set List

uberfunk has a range of originals and various covers. The set is usually made up of all original and improvised songs and 1 or 2 covers, in each show.

Sample : 01/21/06 - Nietzsche's

Set 1:
Intro > tis' the Question,
Soft Marsupial Toaster > Fisherman's Delight,
New Song,
Scholars in Brown Hats Contemplating the Theory of Everything,
Off + On,
Ain't No Sunshine Jam > Exodus > Jam >
Polonium Oxide