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Mixtape: Time Bomb Tickin' Vol. 1
Released 01/14/2010 - Consortium Music Group

Known for his limitless experimentation with different sounds and musical styles, Ubsird has put it all in perspective with this mixtape. Hard hitting songs span a wide range of styles yet flow seamlessly from one to the next as if to tell a story. It’s a story of a rapper that has overcome adversity and emerged despite being a "Time Bomb Tickin'" ready to take over the world. This ten track lyrical massacre, untouched by major label influence, showcases not only his musical prowess, but also his technical skill. The songwriting and production value far surpass that of any of his peers. An impressive feat considering this first album featured contributions by two Grammy nominated producers. "Time Bomb Tickin'" proves beyond a doubt that Ubsird has mastered his craft and can stand completely on his own as a true creative powerhouse.

TRACKS: 1. Time Bomb Tickin' 2. Prettiest 3. 9MM 4. Shoe Game Sick 5. Money In Da Air 6. Somebody Gonna Die Tonight 7. Pimpin' 8.Fiyah 9. With Me 10. 100 Bloods 100 Crips

Album: Microphone Fiend
Released 02/24/2011 - F.A.D.E. Entertainment

The independent label debut from Ubsird features an eclectic mix of sounds and styles that span the musical spectrum. With contributions from underground producers Joe "JRum" Byrom and Reggie "Arjae Knox" Jones, “Microphone Fiend” pushes through all the boundaries to demonstrate his unique cross-genre approach. Rap vocals are combined with elements of R&B to create a mosaic of creative expression. This album launched Ubsird as an underground act and produced singles that received recognition by prominent music heavyweights.

TRACKS: 1.Money Ain't everything 2. Shakers 3. Money Moves 4. Drippin' 5. Whip Game 6. Sip & Blow 7. Designer Diva 8. Bedroom 9. Subliminals 10. Ain't Goin Back

Album: B.E.A.S.T. (Be Easy And Stop Trippin')
Released 06/27/2012 - F.A.D.E. Entertainment

The sophomore independent label project from Ubsird features an array of sounds and styles that redefine the musical aspect of hip-hop. With contributions from underground producers Joe "JRum" Byrom and Adam "Mellowboy" Mitchell, “B.E.A.S.T.” pushes the envelope and shows the progress Ubsird has made from the beginning of his career to where he stands today. The album features collaborations with long time collaborator Tyrone "Spade" Bailey.

TRACKS: 1. Be Easy And Stop Trippin 2. Purple Stuff 3.Realize 4. Satin Sheets 5. All About Money
6. I Be Dat N***a 7. Breezy 8. Mucho Dinero 9. Weekend Freak 10. Sidewayz 11. Get Ya Money Up 12.What You Know Bout It 13. Serve Da Block 14. Move Over



Born Audwin Tyrone Barlow, Jr in Washington, DC,
Ubsird has worked hard the past few years trying to achieve
recognition in the underground music circuit
and has earn the admiration and
respect of fans and fellow
musicians alike. Heavy influenced by Ludacris, Jadakiss, Tupac, and Biggie. With his down
home attitude and versatile musical style,
Ubsird displays a realness and
originality that is all too rare in the
world of hip-hop/rap music.
It’s difficult to pin Ubsird's
musical style to any
one genre. Rap and R&B elements are most prominent but he goes far beyond with his skillful incorporation of a wide variety of sounds. He doesn’t follow a
specific songwriting formula or focus on one particular message or vibe. Instead, each song reflects a different experience within the greater context of Ubsird's story. His signature is a very distinctive voice that's, scratchy but not raspy. His work features hard hitting rap verses, infectious melodic hooks and intricate trunk knocking beats. Ubsird brings his own technique and personality to the stage with lyrics that touch on a wide variety of subjects that listeners can relate to. On stage, Ubsird presents an exciting
performance that can be enjoyed by music
lovers from all walks of life. He has
played dozens of shows across the United
States, sharing the stage with many independent and underground artists from the DMV area. Ubsird's originality and authenticity has turned the heads of even the most skeptical audiences, earning him a
large and diverse fan base. Ubsird is a solo artist but frequently collaborates with best friend from high school Tyrone "Spade" Bailey. Ubsird is currently working on his 1st full length mixtape/album entitled B.E.A.S.T. (Be Easy And Stop Trippin')