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UCHAN is an amalgam of Organic Grooves, Electronica and Indigenous peoples musical culture bound by a Vision created by Seachnasaigh. Seemless, Timeless and extremely Fresh!


2007 NYC, NY:- Brooklyn Born Willy Cruz ( Seachnasaigh) began his musical journey as a Drummer. Performing with local NYC bands in Under ACME, CBGB, Limelight and many others. He met up with an West African friend , Atchade Assongba who invited him to join his All West African Drum Ensemble. For 5 years they performed together , traveling to Washington DC to perform for Bill Clinton, and for many emissaries. Following their performance years, they both headed back to Atchade's home of Benin, West Africa. Mr Cruz spent a year living in a small remote village of Duisa, studying ritual Vodun drumming. Upon returning home to NYC, Willy Cruz inititiated The World Music Ensemble. His first early compositions captured the raw dynamic energy he experienced while living in West Africa. Having a real taste for Indigenous music led Mr Cruz to many musical sojourns: Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, China, Philippines, Aboriginal Australia. These trips set the stage for what was to be the birth of UCHAN. NOw in its Primordial stage UCHAN is an ever-changing expression of Human experience. Willy Cruz encapsulates his music with heart and soul , from the experiences living amongst ancient cultures, warriors, headhunters, great musicians, writers & poets. The Vibrancy and Energy of Uchan is Raw, Spiritual, Grounding, Sublime yet comprehensible. A disdain for the ordinary, a passion for creativity, improvisation, and like Jazz and Folk Music..Timeless!


One Time

Written By: Willy Cruz

One time ..This has to be..
One Life
One Life to Live

This is YOur Time...This Time.


Will Seachnasaigh- Dharpa: Songs from the DReamtime, Lyrichord Records, NYC

Will Seachnasaigh - Dreamings
Released by The Relaxation Co. /Ellipses Arts, NY

Set List

UCHAN's set list is ever-expanding, and varied. Depending on the Concert, Venue, general atmosphere and location will determine our Mode of playing and material. We perform hour to 90 minute sets with a intermission.