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Dreamings: Aboriginal Healing Didjeridu: Critic's Review

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Artist: Will Seachnasaigh
Release Date: Feb 3, 1998
Label: Relaxation
Genre: World
Styles: Australia/New Zealand
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Critic's Review:
Another volume in the Relaxation Company label's "Healing Music" series, Will Seachnasaigh's Dreamings is a pleasant albeit meandering excursion into the didgeridoo music of the Yolgnu people of northern Australia. Based in the Aboriginal culture's musical healing practices, Dreamings also features instruments including taiko drums, gongs, talking drums and the gopichand, making it a more esoteric and intriguing new age effort than the norm. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide - MSN

"Music Reviews"

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Healing Music Does Not Get Better Than This!, December 30, 2001
Reviewer: "kevinglenn" (Brooklyn, NY USA) - See all my reviews
I have had this CD for quite a long time now, two years maybe, and I have never, ever tired of it. If you are looking for music for healing practices, private meditation, or simply for gorgeous background ambiance, this CD is the one. A blend of great didjeridu playing, drumming, soft gongs, flutes and some bass, the music is sparce and spacious, yet incredibly filling to the soul. The didjeridu alone will cause your body to vibrate from the spine outward and when it stops playing on occasion, you will absolutely feel the release of energy. Don't pass this CD up. You will not be disappointed.

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Hep C - Inner body & Anxiety Healing, March 18, 2007
Reviewer: Marie L. Mclaughlin "Michael Pachuta" (Brooklyn, NY) - See all my reviews

We live in Brooklyn, NY went out to purchase a New Age CD. purchased back in 1998 or 1999. We do experience an inner peace, serenity, good breathing techniques for inner body healing, mind and spiritual journeys. Which has been played and listend to for 8-9 years. Now,we find that it is missing from our collections of Healing CD which this we found to be the best of all Healing CD's. I Love and miss this CD because it helped me copespiritually, mentally and last but not least physically with my discease,illness,anxiety and breathing. Which contributed to my calmness.

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"Dreamings" Aboriginal Healing Didjeridu, July 16, 2000
Reviewer: Darrell (Rudyard MI USA) - See all my reviews
This is a must for your healing and meditative music colletion. As a professinal body worker and fellow "didg" player I search for music with meaning and deep healing qualities. This will not dissapoint you at all. It is my number one CD that my clients choose. You will experiance a deep earthy drone that will send you on a mental journy (trance)of our cosmose and beyound. A great blend of musicle interments that really will penatrate to your inner core as you come into balance with total cellular vibration. Buy IT and let it teach you about your inner connection.

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Wonderful meditation music., February 11, 1999
Reviewer: A music fan
I bought this CD shortly after I became infatuated with "world music" and have yet to be disappointed. The sounds of the didjeridu blend perfectly with the sounds of other instruments, including one that sounds like a Native American Flute, and as I listen to the music I find myself relaxing. It's automatic, you just can't help yourself. I play it at work when we're having a bad day and it helps my coworkers out as well as I.

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Quiet ambient Didjeridu, October 25, 1998
Reviewer: A music fan
I was looking for a CD that had Didj but without music overlays (for meditation). This is a good fit. Very quiet.

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Will Seachnasaigh- Dharpa: Songs from the DReamtime, Lyrichord Records, NYC

Will Seachnasaigh - Dreamings
Released by The Relaxation Co. /Ellipses Arts, NY



2007 NYC, NY:- Brooklyn Born Willy Cruz ( Seachnasaigh) began his musical journey as a Drummer. Performing with local NYC bands in Under ACME, CBGB, Limelight and many others. He met up with an West African friend , Atchade Assongba who invited him to join his All West African Drum Ensemble. For 5 years they performed together , traveling to Washington DC to perform for Bill Clinton, and for many emissaries. Following their performance years, they both headed back to Atchade's home of Benin, West Africa. Mr Cruz spent a year living in a small remote village of Duisa, studying ritual Vodun drumming. Upon returning home to NYC, Willy Cruz inititiated The World Music Ensemble. His first early compositions captured the raw dynamic energy he experienced while living in West Africa. Having a real taste for Indigenous music led Mr Cruz to many musical sojourns: Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, China, Philippines, Aboriginal Australia. These trips set the stage for what was to be the birth of UCHAN. NOw in its Primordial stage UCHAN is an ever-changing expression of Human experience. Willy Cruz encapsulates his music with heart and soul , from the experiences living amongst ancient cultures, warriors, headhunters, great musicians, writers & poets. The Vibrancy and Energy of Uchan is Raw, Spiritual, Grounding, Sublime yet comprehensible. A disdain for the ordinary, a passion for creativity, improvisation, and like Jazz and Folk Music..Timeless!