Chicago, Illinois, USA
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UCOBY (U Can Only Be You) is an up and coming multi-talented Rapper and Producer from Chicago’s West Side. UCOBY fully embraces his acronym by only rapping over his own beats as well as never sacrificing his image, style, or art for commercial appeal. Through his beats and lyrics, UCOBY paints a vivid picture of not only the dark underworld of Chicago's westside, but the motivation and dedication of a young artist trying to remain true to his self. Like his own life, UCOBYs content ranges from


As a young, up-and-coming artist born and raised on the Chicago’s Westside, self-proclaimed hip hop artist UCOBY’s success is driven by his desire to be the best and properly represent his hometown with the production of effective music that listeners will not only appreciate, but also remember. UCOBY is an acronym that stands for “U.Can.Only.Be.You” With influences such as Tupac, Nas, Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Pimp C and Andre 3000, UCOBY describes his own style as a mix of not only “modern” hip hop, but also “back to the basics of hip-hop. “You can’t have new without the old.” On top of being an artist and songwriter, UCOBY produces and engineers his own sound as well.
Officially launching his career in 2010, UCOBY has chosen the route of establishing a new name and face that the hip-hop industry will acknowledge. With the pressure of living up to the big artist that Chicago has already produced, UCOBY’s plan for success in this regime is to expand his brand U.Can.Only.Be.You and “shoot for the stars.” With this mind state, UCOBY plans to take over the Internet through different media outlets; [hip hop] blog sites, social networking, and by utilizing YouTube. After this is accomplished, he would like to transfer his talents over to the film industry and writing and continue to promote the brand.
Although he is still trying to make a name for himself, UCOBY is interested in working with inspirational artists such as Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Big K.r.i.t, and Lil’ Wayne. UCOBY firmly believes that “Faith and hard work is all you need. Sit back and let the work speak for itself.”


Weekdays & Weekends EP (12-14-2011)
Singles: Weekdays & Weekends


Set List

1. Chi-Town Figgas
2. U Can Only Be You
3. Uncle Buddy
4. Monday
5. Jordan Of My Towon
6. Weekdays & Weekends