Udi Subudi

Udi Subudi


Heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies are the strong points for this power pop quartet. They have the feel of a garage band that's polished and packaged for the masses. The music has an edge camouflaged in a familiar pop sound.


Udi Subudi were formed in September, 1997. Mark, John, and Tom started out like any band would. They set up shop in Mark’s basement in Campbellsport, Wisconsin. With a simple goal in mind, they set out to write short, catchy pop songs that were full of emotion and meaning. What they came up with is a Power Pop sound reminiscent of Big Star in the 70’s or The Posies in the early 90’s.

With years of live performing experience behind them, the three of them decided that this band wouldn’t set foot on stage until they had an album to support. They immediately wrote, recorded, and produced the band’s first CD, Hold That Thought. Once the album was done, they finished off the line-up by adding a bass player, and hit the stage at full speed.

In the years to come, they released two more albums. Songs from these recordings received airplay on over 500 radio stations across the country. They also performed live on TV and radio. Soon they were opening for national acts and became regulars at many of the summer festivals. The band and its members also received award nominations from the Wisconsin Area Music Industry. The song “As Far As I Can Tell” from the Won’t Let Go EP was picked up by Trans-American Broadcasting for daily rotation on the Best of Rock show, broadcasting on 78 stations in 38 states.

The band took a break at the beginning of the new century to focus on family life and other musical projects. 2007 has found them back together ready to continue right where they left off. With new music in the works, this band is truly just getting started.



Written By: Pierret/Lennartz/Crowell

Here I'm headin' down an open road got clear view for my sigh
Asked a girl if I could hitch a ride and leave the freight train far behind

Cause where the railway goes, in a circle round it knows
Where it starts thats where it ends

Hey I'm not feelin' proud, now that I'm finally found, gettin' back where I belong
If I'm crazy, don't be lonely, when I'm gone
Bad love has made me blind, but now that I'm seein' fine, I see, pain is all
And if you're lonely, don't be lazy, pain is all
Wind behind the headstrong

Every city and every town, I can't erase her from my mind
Heard the warning should have seen the sign, there's danger up ahead

And when I saw you there, in his arms you didn't care
Should have known a long, long time ago



I wasn't ready for the wars you wage, I wasn't looking for it anyway
But somehow I found it...
I found solace in the solitude, it kinda left me with an attitude
The things you do, what don't kill us gonna come around and do it again



Written By: Pierret/Lennartz/Crowell

Go with your friends, they tell you what you like to hear
Like you don't need him messing with your head
I really wish you would, but here you sing on my machine
Telling me you hope I'm doing good, well (well)

I don't need you, trying to make amends
You try to keep the rain all for yourself
And I don't need you, trying to fray the ends
I'm trying to tie it up here for myself

Here goes the pain, yeah twistin' in my veins
Mixing with the whiskey and the rain
Here comes the light, casting shadows on my bed
Lying there she don't look quite the same as you (but)



You don't need to come over baby
I'll do what you won't do
I don't need you to tempt me baby
But now you call like a friend of mine
You wanna talk but I'm fine, fine, finding by way without you

I get so excited, I get back I just can't hide it
When I think of the times we tried and we threw it all away
You wanna be with the next get rich trick, go ahead get your kicks
But don't tell me you're my best friend when you're tugging at his belt


Won't Let Go

Written By: Pierret/Lennartz/Crowell

I was always aching, lookin’ for something new
‘til got what I wished for, and it’s more than I can chew
Though you’re standing on my walk, wet cement is never set
Until the talk gets heavy, we go deeper

I won’t let go, once I get you right here in front of me
When I get a hold on you well you know
I won’t let go

Just sit and rest a spell, you keep pushing hard on me
To be everything I was, when you first lay eyes on me
If the dream is still alive, let me follow in your steps
Let me carry you along, we go deeper


It was only a joke, how could I tell you were seriously thinking
About whether you seriously love me
Oh whatever you find, know that you’re here in my heart , and my soul
Know that I love you


Taste the mercy on your lips, please don’t think of me that way
I’m the one who held your hand, when you fell apart that day
If the dream is still a dream, rest your worries in my lap
Let me lay you down to bed, we go deeper and deeper


I’ll always be here with you
You’ll never be rid of me


Hold That Thought – July 21st, 1998
Won’t Let Go – February 15th, 2000
Under The stone – December 12th, 2000