Scarborough, Ontario, CAN
BandHip HopR&B

UEC (real name Yui See) is an emerging hip hop artist/producer from Toronto, Canada with a uniquely urban style that comes from writing his own music and lyrics. While UEC’s sound can easily land him on a playlist next to Bruno Mars and Ne-yo, his songs also hit hard with the club-going audience.


UEC’s musical career began long before he decided to become a serious musician. He has been immersed much of his life. What began with an interest in piano and violin at a younger age quickly grew into a passion that gave Yui the determination to finish his Royal Conservatory training. He began experimenting with rap music and production… quickly getting a feel for the power of music when one of his first songs started circulating around his high school. UEC worked with many local artists, releasing three underground rap albums.

While still not totally convinced that he could make it in the music industry, he continued to work on his musical abilities and part-way through university he had decided to give the music business a real shot. Having been composing for himself and others for several years, Yui entered the commercial music industry in 2007. By early 2008, he and his band project “Soul Plane” had collaborated with Sum41 Manager and Treble Charger front-man Greig Nori on a single entitled “Impossible” which became the first song to ever gain the judges’ approval on MuchMusic’s TV show “Disband”.

He wrote the band’s lyrics in the process – both for himself and his female counterpart – and was a key part in the creation of the band’s music. By the following year, thanks to the support of many partners, UEC also started to become a recognizable figure in Toronto’s Asian community – garnering media attention at various performances throughout the city.

Earlier in 2010, Yui’s band broke up as members were unable to align their goals with each other. Seeing this as an opportunity, he began working on a solo project. Driven to make it at all costs, UEC opened a recording studio with Vladimir Baranov – a long-time friend and his current producer and manager. After three months of collaborations, keeping secrets and intense work in the studio, UEC is ready to debut with an arsenal of brand new material this winter.

He has patiently waited for the opportunity to prove his talent and is determined to become a figure in the world of mainstream music.