One female obsessed with creating music. Ufallani the producer,engineer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer/ song wrtier. What you hear is Ufallani !!!




Ufallani is a multi-talented female artist who is a force to be reckoned with. With spoken word and poetic roots as her childhood stepping stone she now explores funk, jazz and hip hop to create her acid jazz, alternative fusion. Ufallani is not only a multi instrumentalist, she is the industry's new quadruple threat! As a young 13 year old, eager to get in the game she began composing musical arrangements on guitar, piano and bass for local artists. A few years latter, she continued to grow working as an assistant and house engineer for various music production companies. Now 22, She has just recently graduated from her studies in post production, music production and audio engineering and is finally ready to reveal her volt of melodic goodies...

This spring, 2009, Ufallani will be releasing her self titled album "UFALLANI", along with her single "Heavy". She will also be posting the making of "Heavy"on various sites, mid May, so all can get a glimpse of how she does what she does. Watch out for the "Heavy" music video, set to air june, 9, 2009. Ufallani will be Touring throughout Canada, the US and the UK, this up coming spring. Dates will be posted as well as down loads and other tasty treats at Ufallani.com

Ufallani.com is an independent enterprise for all to experience what is ufallani through different entertainment mediums. Ufallani gives us just a taste of her mad genius and leaves us wanting more of her seductive vocals and dirty bass lines. Throughout the future growth of the ufallani brand, we will be seeing more of her artistic outlets such as unique designs, related film project and so much more...

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bust around me

Written By: ufallani

when I wake up next to you
the feeling that I had was far behind me
oh, wow, wow ,wow
you were meant for me I was meant for you,
so wont you please me
oh please me, oh
wont you come and play,
tickle as you may
cause I am here to stay
oh please me

When you look into my eyes your butterflies and candy stars surround me
bust around me,
bust around me

what you see is me but you got me feeling weak and i don't know what to do
so just please me


Written By: ufallani

I had a vision of a trip so high
feening like a junkie wanna touch the sky
imagine nothing but a land of blues
concrete jungle, no choice to choose
no sights of bliss
so Ima see how your blunt fits
I really love how your smoke sits

I live in the getoe
I puff my brains away all day
to forget about yesterday
I live in the getoe
there stays a haze around my face
my eyes green with a cherry glaze

I see the gloomy days ahead
hopes in a prison and dreams are dead
getoe sync your mind
I cant stand the pain while all these hearts play

hook: repeat
outro: oo's



"Heavy", 02,16,09

"Bust Around Me", 04,05,09

"HEAVY" VIDEO: ", 06, 09,09

Set List

11 song set list, with each song ranging from 4-7 minutes. The average set runs for an hour, covering only original material.

Drums- Paul Bennet
Guitar- Kyle Terner
Bass- Mat Hedlin
Sax- Dave
Vocals and alternating bass, guitar and keys- Ufallani