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Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF | AFM

Toronto, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative




"Fight or Flight EP Review"

This one was SO close, gang; so close to being audibly perfect…I’m STILL hovering over the “1” and “0” on my keyboard in the hopes that my decision might allow me to change this album’s rating, but for now, I simply cannot. Based on the fact that I steadfastly believe bands who go ahead and put out a full-length album and allow themselves to be more vulnerable and open to critique due to there being more proof-or-poop on the line, deserve that additional “.5” to fall on the positive side rather than the band that, although packing a powerful punch with no filler and giving fans the best of what they have (VERY respectable and EXACTLY what this industry needs MORE of!), it’s not as risky or deserving of that extra push for my perfect rating than the band that delivered a full album. so with that, I still proudly introduce to you, the Toronto-based UFORIA, a band that I feel is clearly the Poster Child For Progressive-Alternative Rock Perfection!!!

Doing it all themselves and with the help of their fan’s support, the band has released three, including this little gem, aggressive, riff-laden platters, two in E.P. form (2012’s Imagining and their latest; Fight Or Flight) and 2015’s Transmutation being the band’s first and only full-length to date. Prior to recording this time, however, the band welcomed the talents of Finger Eleven’s, Steve Molella (Remember those dudes…kinda-sorta…maybe?). Steve was asked to not only assist the band in working on the writing process for their first single; the album’s title-track, but to also produce the entire effort, something the band felt was perfect as both their close-knit circles intersected in many positives throughout the Canadian music scene. One of my favorite things about this E.P. is that, even though their press-release compares the band, for sake of potential fans, to Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven, Billy Talent and INCUBUS, I get to call total “Bullshit”, and look like a genius here because they aren’t even in the same category, folks! Uforia sound nothing like those bands…I mean NOTHING AT ALL! There’s not a thing in the world wrong with any of those bands, especially if you’re into the Alt-College Rock style. But, not when the band sounds like an incredibly cool Kings-X crossed with an early, best performance of their lives Kansas-meets-STYX

The EP contains songs that, while many might feel they join together to create a conceptual story of New World Order that takes place in many different time matrix’s, the band insists they weren’t created with an ongoing concept in mind…however, AGAIN I get to call total “Bullshit”! The album PERFECTLY snaps together in blatant story-like form with nary a single bit of effort from the listener. For example, Radiation is clearly a warning that ecological change is inevitable and we must embrace it and evolve in order to survive, while Wake Me is about an intense struggle to wake up (both figuratively and literally) to escape the darkness of a dream world. Overthrow is an encouraging piece that fills the gap of the listener just “listening” or rather “participating” as they are asked to be patient… and to then PHYSICALLY take control of their own destiny when the moment is right. From facing your fears, to running and hiding from them…this little E.P. encapsulates everything fans like myself LOVE about bands like Uforia; we dig when our favorite musicians become part of our personal lives! Uforia make no bones about the fact that they boldly wear their personal lives out in the open and in the hopes that it will make perfect sense when put to music. And you know what? IT DOES!!!! The musicians that make up this little band of pissed-off hornets with more to say that, “Hey dude, let’s party!”, are masters of their chosen instrumental weapons! Again, I mention the beloved King’s X and say, “Those boys were ALL amazing musicians and played very Beatles’-ish!”. So do Uforia, they are perfectly equipped to strike a harmonic-minor 6th to drop your heart a few steps towards your feet, but they can easily push a Pantera breakdown towards your posterior if need be!

Honestly, just believe the rating and let that be the SomeKindOfMedia Guarantee that you’ve come to trust in our music reviews; none of us have ANY desire to lie to the public, nor do we have any bias that comes in the form of money, favors or promises from ANY of the bands that we review. Therefore, our ratings are about as honest as a Catholic Nun On Her Knees.....Praying, you assholes; PRAYING! Steps, and I mean BABY STEPS, away from being perfect….but not quite this time, guys! Give me 7 more songs, call it an album, and let's run that badboy through, right now!!!! Still, this one comes Very, Very Highly Recommended! - Some Kind of Media

"Single Review - Overthrow"

Odd thought of the night - if there’s to be a wall that’s built on our country’s boarders, will this wall include the line that separates US and Canada? You never hear that, huh? But if this is the case, then ‘Merica is gonna miss out on a sh*tpile of killer music as of late. Uforia is Canadian and they’re straight up, y’all! My favorite song on this EP is “Overthrow” because it’s reminiscent of one of my fav bands Incubus. Don’t let the string intro fool you…it’s not gonna break into heavy guitars and screams, and trust me, you don't want them to - that’s for sure. Michael Ursini (vocals) is gonna woo you with a tone that is hypnotically smooth AF and you’ll just wanna lean back where ever you are, put your hands behind your head, close your eyes - and just think of an experience where you’ve lost your reign - or given your control to something else…and how you’re on the verge of pulling it back in. Rock Mindfullness Meditation - that’s what I received from this brilliant song that joins like 12 different musical elements in a batch - all to make your mind mush so you can just 'be' for a bit. It’s a killer EP and I wish this band all the success. Totally great rock, my Rocker Babies, totally. - Some Kind of Media

"365 Radio Network Album Review: Uforia "Fight or Flight""

For fans of My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco or Fall Out Boy, Toronto’s Uforia deliver the big hooks, stadium rock guitars, songwriting, production and vibrant energy to cut through the competition.

Michael Ursini on lead vocal and guitar has a very radio friendly voice, with the control, phrasing and intonation of a top notch pro. He reminds me a bit of Brandon Urie from Panic At The Disco in how he really delivers a tune.

Adam Brik on lead guitar and vocals is a very creative guitarist. He has great tone and his part choices really cut through the mix while always supporting the tune.

Julien Bigras on drums and Daniel Salij on bass & vocals really deliver the goods.

This band needs a supportive but rock solid rhythm section and Julien and Daniel are always in service of the tune, never over playing but full of creative ideas and energy.

“Fight Or Flight” has a very cool staccato chorus and a very appealing commercial overall sound.

“Is Anybody Living” sports a killer intro, haunting melody and killer vibe.

“Overthrow” is my favorite song on the album. It is radio friendly and very catchy.

“Radiation” straddles hard rock and indie rock beautifully with a great sing along melody.

“Wake Me” features a passionate vocal and very interesting arrangement.

I have to give major compliments to the production team. This album is absolutely pristine, well mixed and mastered with excellent production choices.

Why haven’t I heard of Uforia before now?” They are major tour, heavy radio play ready and I sincerely hope they achieve that level of success. - M. Loop

"Review - Uforia"

Toronto-based alt heavy rockers, Uforia, dropped their third EP, Fight or Flight, on July 16, 2016. This four-member band had some heavy-hitting help with its creation. It was co-written and produced by Finger Eleven’s own Steve Molella. James Black, also of Finger Eleven, directed the title track.
This title track, in all of its gritty and tenacious swagger, smacks you in the face and demands to be listened to. It features heavy riffs and punchy vocals, which echo the likes of one of their influences, Billy Talent. Fight or Flight, a song about making difficult decisions, has already hit the radio waves and is bound to gather fans across the country.

“Overthrow” separates itself from the heavy rock anthems on the EP. It is a song with a message delivered in the most unexpected manner. Haunting strings with synth-y overtones usher the listener into a song where bongos and warm melodies on an acoustic guitar then take the lead with stunning chord progressions. This softer delivery ensures the message of the song is heard. Uforia says ‘“Overthrow” encourages listeners to be patient and to take control of their own destiny when the moment is right’.

The five tracks on the EP suitably display talent that Uforia has when it comes to created heart-felt and message-driven, yet aggressive and bellicose rock songs. Listening to this album lends itself to one problem however. I have this overwhelming desire to see them perform these songs live as soon as possible! Uforia do have a few select tour dates coming up in Ontario this summer. Check them out to see if they are playing at a venue near you! - Canadian Beats

"Review: Uforia ‘Fight or Flight’ EP"

What happened to guitar rock? somehow it fell out of style. Recently in Canada it seems like there are some bands fighting the good fight to bring it back and that’s why I think it’s appropriate that Uforia has named their new EP ‘Fight or Flight’ they’re in it to win it and you can hear that from onset of this record. The title track sets an aggressive pace and the guitar hooks sport shades of Finger Eleven who have fingerprints on this band with drummer Steve Molella taking a production role and guitar player James Black directing their upcoming music video. The moody ‘Wake Me’ is a personal favourite with it’s slow swoon and wall of guitar chorus and layered vocal harmonies. The last cut of the EP ‘Is Anybody Living?’ features a great Slash-esque sounding guitar wail and a chorus that drives you an open highway with the windows down headed to parts unknown. Uforia have released a tight collection of excellent songs and with the re-appearance of other Canadian guitar acts like Billy Talent and the aforementioned Finger Eleven into the mix we could be in for a renaissance in Canadian rock music. - The Green Room Podcast

"New Video Release by Uforia"

Toronto-based hard rockers, Uforia have released the official music video for the title track from their latest EP, Fight or Flight. The video was directed by Finger Eleven guitarist, James Black and features a unique look into a song that touches on facing one’s fears. We think the video is just about perfect! - Canadian Beats

"Bands to watch out for"

We love the innovative approach that Toronto-based hard rockers, Uforia, is taking to gain recognition in today’s music scene. Their single, “Fight or Flight” is receiving regular rotation at many professional sporting events including games for the Toronto Blue Jays, Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils and Ottawa Senators. It was even played at the NHL 100 Classic Game between the Senators and Montreal Canadiens in front of 34 000 people! You can catch Uforia on stage in January as they open for Kim Mitchell in Brampton! - Canadian Beats


Fight or Flight (2016)
Fight or Flight
Wake Me
Is Anybody Living?

Transmutation (2015)
A Little Bit More
Can't Stop the Clock
How Many Times
Free Your Mind

Imagining (2012)
Give it Up
Megan's Dream
Empty Head
Don't Push Me Away
Watch What you Say



What began as a solo project for Michael Ursini (Singer/Songwriter/Rhythm Guitar) has morphed into Uforia, a talented four-piece hard rock band that has released three EPs since 2012. Based in Toronto and influenced by Billy Talent, Incubus, Royal Blood and the Foo Fighters, among others, the group also consists of Adam Brik (Lead Guitar), Dylan Piercey (Drums) and Daniel Salij (Bass).

Uforia’s third EP is the high energy Fight or Flight, featuring five songs all produced by and co-written with Steve Molella (Finger Eleven). “Steve has had a massive influence on myself and Uforia,” says Ursini. “He worked his butt off to make each song reach its maximum potential. I’ve learned more about songwriting and recording in the last year than ever before because of his talent and energy.”

The aggressive and riff-laden title track (which will also be the lead single) is about the struggle of making difficult decisions. “It was originally conceived after Adam hit a tree and dislocated his thumb in a snowboarding fall,” explains Ursini. “He was in so much pain and didn’t feel he could wait to be rescued. In that moment he made the choice to get himself down the mountain and seek the medical attention he needed.”

The EP continues with “Radiation”, a warning that ecological change is inevitable and we must embrace it and evolve in order to survive. “Wake Me” is about the struggle to wake up and escape the darkness of a dream world, while “Overthrow” encourages listeners to be patient and to take control of their own destiny when the moment is right. The EP closer “Is Anybody Living” is a track about facing your fears, particularly the fear of change.

Uforia’s previous releases include the debut EP Imagining (2012) and the fan-funded follow-up Transmutation (2015). The band has won a number of contests including the Hard Rock Rising Canada contest (2013), the opportunity to open for hometown heroes Billy Talent (2014) and the Jack Daniel’s Supporting Act contest (2016). Uforia's single "Fight or Flight" was played regularly at Toronto Blue Jays home games throughout the 2016 season. It was the second most added song to active rock radio May 6, 2016 (behind Blink 182) and made Alan Cross' Top 11 list May 13, 2016.

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