Sounds like 1979 era Van Halen T Boned Guns N Roses with Led Zeppelin bound and gagged in the trunk.


On a particularly nasty night at the Cleveland Music Festival in 2003, two Midwestern bands (Bridge and Outspoken) performed on the Agora stage to a rowdy rock ‘n’ roll crowd. After the show, Geo Teubl (Bridge) and Frank Green (Lava-Atlantic's Outspoken) drunkenly fought in the parking lot, solidifying a friendship in only the way excessive amounts of Southern Comfort and rock star antics can. Two years later Outspoken broke-up and the guitarist (Kevin McCreery, formerly of Mavericks Tantric) contacted Geo Teubl after hearing Bridge had also parted ways. The two began writing immediately and after their first jam session with Donnie Highland (drums, Lava-Atlantic's Outspoken) and Frank Green (bass guitar, Lava-Atlantic's Outspoken), the band Ugly was formed. Front man, Geo Teubl said, "We had an immediate chemistry, mutual admiration for each others sound, and most importantly we all wanted to put the art back in party with raw rock !" With less than a year under their belt, Ugly already has an impressive fan base all across the Midwest. Heavy, shredding guitars riffs combined with slamming, skin penetrating drum beats meet Geo Teubl’s vocals that sound as if Ronnie Van Zant, Danny Joe Brown and Jim Morrison just shared a bottle of whiskey and are singing from the bottom of their ugly souls. Ugly’s live performance is the groups strongest suite, according to Teubl "people come to our shows to experience straight forward rock n roll and have a good time, we’ll play to whoever and we’ll blow them away!" In May 2007, Ugly inked a deal with Rock Ridge Music and dubbed the "NEXT great arena rock band" by label president Tom Derr . The band has just completed recording their debut release with famed Producer Rick Parashar (Pearl jam, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, Bon Jovi) and will release their first album October of 2007. With record label support and four hardcore rock ‘n’ roll ‘tudes……things are going to get Ugly.


Ugly - Ugly
Debut release on Rock Ridge Music
October 9th 2007

Set List

Uglys typical set list ranges from 20 to 30 minutes for national opening slots, to 1 to 1and 1/2 hours for Headlining performances.
We can pretty much do anything...from Van Halen to David Allan Coe....whatever we're drinking usually depicts what we play...haha