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"A Band On A Journey"

The song "88 Corvette" is a joy ride through rock and electronics by the local band Ugly. And while the bass drums drive "88 Corvette," the song also tells of a "Thelma and Louise"-style road trip involving two women bent on good times.

To hear "88 Corvette," cruise over to make sure those PC speakers are ready to Rock.

It's a fun song to play," says Jeremiah Mayhew, the keyboardist of Ugly who is usually just known by his first name. "A lot of people see the song as a little trendy song with catchy lyrics, and think it's just about two girls and how cool they are. But it's a metaphor for a journey and enjoying the moment."

The theme of "88 Corvette" also sums up the spirit of Ugly. The band's on a fast track in the Sacramento music scene, and its live shows are geared toward seizing the stage like there's no tomorrow.

Ugly is a musical detour of sorts for two of its members. Jeremiah and singer Adam McIntire-Hull are formely of the local hip-hop group the Cawz, and Ugly is rounded out by guitarist Elvis Le and drummer Jon Shidler. The singing style of "88 Corvette" has hints of a rap flow, but the song is all about an electro-rock groove that's designed to get clubgoers hopping as if they've been zapped by jumper cables.

"I've always been into electronic music - the Prodigy, Chemical Brothers - but I've always experimented and wanted to do my own thing," says Jeremiah. "I didn't have much of a hip-hop backround. I always liked Deftones and Papa Roach, and there's nothing like that acoustic slap of real insturments and amplifiers."

Ugly formed and year and a half ago, primarily as a beat-making project between Jeremiah and McIntire-Hull. Guitars and drums helped to hot-rod the sound, and a band was soon born.

"We had all these beats that were different-sounding," says Jeremiah. "We're like, 'what do we call this?' and it was Ugly. It didn't sound like anything we'd heard before.

"'88 Corvette' started as a beat and Adam put some lyrics to," he adds. "We put the song on the back burner a little bit, and then we opened up that old hard drive and said, 'Let's go through this one. 'Then we added guitars and drums, and it was like, 'Oh my God.' It was meant to be.

Ugly plans to release its debut album by the end of 2007 and hopes to squeeze in some touring. But until then, Ugly is continuing to play locally and refine its sound like it's cruising around Sacramento with the top down.

"We've learned alot, from going to the pre-production beat world to the world of bridges and choruses, and being a band, "says Jeremiah. "it's a natural progression of hip-hop music for us. This is how we choose to spend our time productively, with love in our mind."

Article by Chris Macias.
c/o The Sacramento Bee
P.O. Box 15779, Sacramento, CA 95852 - The Sacramento Bee


Ugly has released a 4 song demo/ep for booking and promotional purposes only. The 4 songs listed in the set are as follows
1. 88 Corvette
2. One Time
3. Flip A Bitch
4. Stop Drop Roll
Ugly's music is streaming on the myspace page at



Ugly is Adam McIntire-Hull (Vocals), Elvis Le (Guitar), Jonny Shidler (Drums) and Nick Kellermann (Bass/Keys). Ugly is a relatively new band out of
Sacramento, California that has been recieving a title
as its own brand. The history and genres that these
four musicians derive from is why people are saying
Ugly is unlike anything they have ever heard. In just
a year and a half since forming, Ugly has already
recieved much local praise and a following that
believes Ugly to be the next band to "make it" from
their hometown.

Ugly is sort of a musical detour for one of its
members. Singer Adam McIntire-Hull is
formely of the local independent hip-hop group The
Cawz. He wanted to take his music in another
direction and began looking to start a band which
today we know as Ugly. Ugly is now completed by
guitarist Elvis Le and drummer Jon Shidler and Keyboardist Nick Kellermann. Once the
four members joined forces, the sound they made could
only be described by them as "something they had never
heard before", so Ugly was born and became the main
focus in the lives of this new group. Since forming,
Ugly has played numerous local venues in the
Sacramento area , including winning the recent Sacramento Rock Wars, and will be looking to tour with a
full-length record by the start of 2008. The group
believes wholeheartedly that they will find success
and notoriety with this unique sound with or without
the help of a label, and will prove that statement to
the masses. Ugly recently purchased a Silver Eagle
Tour Bus and will be hitting the road to play in every
city they can and once on the road, there is nothing
stopping them from becoming the band they were meant
to be.

Whether it's a pop driven dance tune like "88
Corvette", or a heavy guitar driven song like "Flip a
Bitch", Ugly continues to shock its audience with the
way they mix each individuals style together. The live
performance of this new group has been deemed
"explosive and captivating" and will continue to be
one of their major selling points. There is alot to be
said of this new young band and why they are on the
road to a bright future, but there is only one way to
truly experience it, and that is in the