Ugly Baby

Ugly Baby


Ambient to punk with influences like Kinski, Sonic Youth, Rage against the Machine, Slint, Dead Kennedys


Ugly Baby is from Seattle. We've been rocking above a mechanic soaking up the gasoline, and solvent fumes while spewing forth greasy rock to stick to your cochlear nueral network.We play rock with heavy riffs, sprawling ambient jams, Screams and melody. Our drums are more influenced by Ginger Baker than a four on the floor punk beat. We like to switch instruments, and add occasional horns. We have been honing our skills together for a couple of years, and working on getting an album out soon.


Ugly Baby has a 4 song ep streaming here on Sonicbids

Set List

Our set list consists of 10-12 songs. We can play for a solid hour. We cover Killing an Arab (the Cure), and are working in Snoop Dogg and Syd Barret covers. Songs we wrote are: Start of the End, Compression Release, Signs of Life, Month of Maya, Devolve, Do Know Harm, Tuition, No Go, Out of Diapers, Stand on Ice with Hot Coals between your Toes, Riff R.I.P.