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The Band Ugly. I am sitting here quietly trying to brainstorm as to how I will describe the band Ugly and I am at a loss of words, but two of the words I have heard, from other people, describing this new sound are sonic and driving. This new group of individuals have come together, each member having at least 10+ years experience in different genres and styles of music to create something people are already calling the next big thing to come out of Sacramento California. I have come to know that a bio for a group is to give details behind a band and to somewhat sell them but I am solely writing this bio from the heart to give a little insight into the world of Ugly and how they came to be. Before I step into the details I would like to say that I truly believe this band be worth everything they deserve, and I believe that to be all the recognition in the world for this new refined sound. I have been in and involved within the music scene for many years and have come to experience and hear alot of groups, but have never felt the anticipation to see where a bands music goes as I have with Ugly. Two members of the band Ugly, Adam and Jeremiah were both members in the group known as The Cawz out of Sacramento. Adam and Jeremiah along with two other members received local praise and were nominated for music awards in their city over the 6 year stint they were together. The group eventually found themselves on tour with well known rock bands, Island Def Jam's C.K.Y and DreamWorks Leisure. While on tour they landed themselves a management contract with Mayor/Sarzo Entertainment and moved to Los Angeles to make an attempt at receiving a record deal. After six months into the 2 year contract, the management team decided to focus their energy in other places and The Cawz moved back to Sacramento to be closer to family and friends. During this time, Adam and Jeremiah began working on a side project. Soon thereafter The Cawz parted ways and the move into the group Ugly began to grow. Jeremiah invited drummer and long time friend Michael Stone to play drums and form a new group. Eventually, Jeremiah(keyboards), Michael(drums), and Adam(vocals) began to practice together and the 3 realized something special in what they were creating. After 6 months of practicing the band decided to add a guitar to the mix and Elvis was chosen to play the part. Ugly was then stamped and the new sound was born. The group spent alot of time perfecting their style and continue to do so. They have only began playing shows but people are already calling them the "next" group to make it especially with the stage performance they've packed with passion and driving energy very few bands have. Ugly is a new and well manicured sound I believe has not been heard yet. The musical influences in this group are punk, grunge, reggae, hip hop, electronica, metal, and classical to name just a few. The local fans are already calling Ugly "the new sexy". The buzz is beginning to rattle and all should be ready to experience this sound and I do mean experience it. This is a bio/letter merely written in words, the only real way to experience this sound is to see and hear Ugly in the flesh.