Ugly L

Ugly L

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ug·ly adj. \'?-gle\ UGLY : offensive or unpleasant to any sense; morally offensive or objectionable


animal first. human second. wu tang forever!

past performances include:

Apache Cafe - Atlanta, GA
Church - Boston, MA
Da Poetry Lounge - Hollywood, CA
Middle East Downstairs - Cambridge, MA
Nuyorican Poets Cafe - New York City, NY


Poetic Romance

Written By: shaun leonard

back in '85
a sperm cell in my fathers black d*** in between my moms white thighs
a born winner so the egg I fertilized
attached myself to the womb so I could stay alive
a love child
no they didn't realize
while they made love
and stared in each others eyes
that the outcome of their passions would be a lil guy
what a surprise
grandparents pissed off on both sides
inter-racial s*** still wasn't accepted
its not like they was expecting
this was not a case of planned parenthood, nah
neither one of them could have ever saw
what was coming
when they was cumming
the boning and the moaning had 'em feeling numb and
they was in the moment
for that moment
that art of making love figures they conceived a poet
and I've been making moves ever since my mother was showing
like when I broke through the embryonic sac and water started flowing
yo, I go in
make love to the mic poetic romance


a retrospective demonstration...
released Oct. 10, 2012

Sorry Im Not Sorry (S.I.N.S.) EP
released Aug. 1, 2013

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