Hampton, Virginia, USA

Virginia-grown Quirkadelic Rock- Uglyography comes to you from the 19th Century, mixing early punk rock n roll (Descendents) with off-kilter melodies and attitudes (They Might Be Giants, Ween).The trio is currently working on their fourth release and hitting the regional road whenever possible!


Uglyography is a Hampton Roads VA based trio that plays quirkadelic rock music. Quirkadelic rock is a new genre that was actually coined by Uglyography and describes the eclectic sounds and influences that the band projects. Borrowing from They Might Be Giants, The Pixies, Ween, early East Bay pop-punk, and countless others, the songwriting style of band leader Matt Thomas is undeniably unique, catchy, and thought-provoking. More importantly, the energy and fun that the band has on stage trickles down into the audience. Happiness ensues.

The members of Uglyography were each transported from the 19th Century to the 2010’s through various means of time travel, all accidental. Albert Dimaggio (Drums, Bass) was sucked into a vortex while busking on the street when a silver dollar landed in his cigar box and balanced upright on its edge. DJ Blake (guitar, drums) was installing a weather vane to his Amish barn when he was struck by lightning and plunged into a wormhole. Matt Thomas (bass, iWood Quirkatronic) was running audio tests on the mentally ill, when he hit a magic frequency combination which cured his patient and sent him spiraling to the 21st century. Convinced that the magic frequency could be struck once more with the help of an ensemble, Thomas recruited Dimaggio and Blake to join him in a musical quest to get the three of them back to the 1870’s through the power of audio.

Uglyography was named Best Local Band 2012 by Virginia Living Magazine and received three nominations at the Veer Local Music Awards in February 2012 for Best Band, Best Album (2011’s Undercover New Machine), and Best Video (My Brain). They have also been named Defenstration WHRV’s Band of the Month and have been broadcast regularly over the airwaves on 96x’s Local Music Show and WHRV’s Out of the Box, including a live radio performance. Television appearances include WAVY 10’s Hampton Roads Show, Cox Channel 11’s Sound Check, and Johnson City Tennessee’s Tha Soundboxx. The band also makes regular appearances on the music podcast YourMusicShow and has been written up on several occasions by newspaper publications The Daily Press, The Virginian Pilot, Veer Magazine, Pulse, and many others both in print and across the world wide web.

Three full-length albums have been released by Uglyography and a brand new EP will be released by the end of 2013. The trio stays very busy between touring, performing at festivals and conventions, recording, creating original music videos, regular local performances, and trying to adjust to 21st Century living. They are one of the hardest working and most captivating bands in the 757 and their enthusiasm and passion is reflected in their ever-growing ardent fanbase.

ConTemporal Steampunk Convention, The Daily Press, WAVY TV 10, MetaFest Music Festival , Hampton Summer Street Fest (Block Party), YourMusicShow, The American Theatre, Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Music Festival, AltDaily, Mekos’s Skate Shop, Veer Magazine, Hampton History Museum, The Jewish Mother, WHRV 89.5 FM Radio, Hampton and Norfolk Taphouse, Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Christopher Newport University, Old Dominion University, Olde Towne Tavern, Virginia Living Magazine, Fantasy, Pulse/VA Pilot, Mojo Bones, Meridian Coffeehouse, Geared Up Rock Bar, County Grill, Toured to 7 states in 2009 and 2012 including NY, OH, WV, TN, NC, SC and of course VA.


Four Shafts are Uglier than One (LP, 2013)
Undercover New Machine (LP, 2011)
Love Boat (LP, 2006)

Set List

90% originals, including but not limited to:

My Brain
Corner Sweeper
Keychain and Beads
Universal (It's You)
On the Ground
Undercover New Machine
Marcel's Foil
Proposition 19
The Sound I Need
August Neighborhood Yard Sale
More than a Miracle
Theremin Flu
Ass Blood
Three Posters
Pretty Gritty
Something to Beat On
Quirkadelic Rock Forever
Happy New Year