Traditional Celtic/East Coast music with an alternative flavour; a little funk, a little rock, a little jazz and a unique sound, truely Canadian


The members of UglyStick are anything but new to the festival scene. In fact, the core
members of UglyStick have played across Canada hitting festivals from as far East as
Newfoundland to the West coast in British Columbia. Tyree Lush, Singer/Song Writer,
hails from Newfoundland. Dana Arrowsmith, fiddle, was raised in Sudbury Ontario and
Steven Tudge, Bass, was born in Cold Lake, Alberta. These three members have
been playing together for a number of years. Once part of another group that played
the Canadian festival circuit, they have performed at such events as the Lunenburg Folk
Festival, Newfoundland's George Street Fest, Celtic Colors in Cape Breton, The Ottawa
Jazz Festival and Tulip Festival to name a few. Percussionist James Rock is from Orleans,
Ontario and has extensive musical education from both the University of Ottawa and the
University of Toronto.

As UglyStick, they have played festivals, clubs, private functions, and fairs across
Canada from coast to coast and as far North as Iqualuit. In the band's first year,
they headlined at the Multiculural Mozaic Festival in Regina, Saskatchwan, The
Festival Musique du Bout du Monde in Gaspe Bay, Quebec, and the Folk Arts and Music
Festival in Atlin, British Columbia.

Described as "high energy", "passionate", and "crowd pleasing", UglyStick plays both
traditional and original Celtic music. In 2007, they hope to expand into the United
States and Europe where they intend to share their Celtic flavour and origional pieces.


Will I make it back home

Written By: Tyree Lush

Down east sunrise, casting its light down upon my face
The crimson sky charts the path at sea, the way paved for me
Pull away, leave behind a sleeping family and a home nestled in the cove
As the wharf slowly fades, I wonder if I’ll make it back home…

Just last night I told her not to worry when I’m out at sea
But it’s the same old story, when will it all end, when will the nightmares leave?
Kissed my children in their beds, now the boat begins to roll
Brings me back from my sleepy town and the memories of home

Up on deck as a seagull flies, effortlessly near the rear
This constant fear haunts my waking thoughts, dangers ever near
It’s just a job to support my family, I chose to raise them here
Maybe one day I will gladly say, I don’t have to leave my home

The North Atlantic has her own will and her desires are made known
Those little boats are sometimes lost, beneath her constant roll
At the mercy of the sea we search for liberty, providing for our own
It’s a constant struggle, way of life, sometimes we don’t make it home

Sometimes we don’t make it home…

How I need to make it home


Four Track Disc
1) The Keeper
2) Will I make it back home
3) D'arcy and his boat
4) Dark Cove

Full album to be released Summer 2006

Set List

The Keeper
Will I make it back home
D'arcy and his boat
Dark Cove
The Choice
Step it out Mary
P Stands for Paddy
The night visit
Gettin Hitched
Wreckers Den
Tim Finnegans Wake
Shores of Amerakay
Macpherson's Rant
Haul away Joe
The reason I left Mullingar
and more...